3DAround app, a new free app for iPhone 6 users to capture 3D photos

Posted on Dec 22 2014 - 3:25pm by TechliveTech
3DAround app - free app for iPhone 6 to take 3D photos

3DAround app – free app for iPhone 6 to take 3D photos

A new app enables iPhone 6 users to snapshot food images as real as they are. 3DAround app developed by Dacuda, a Swiss software company exclusively for iPhone 6 devices enables them to take pictures of objects at 360 degrees which can then be viewed as 3D images.

Dacuda names the app as 3DAround that not only allows its iPhone 6 users to captures 3-dimensional images but also make the pictures interactive.  On downloading this free app, iPhone 6 users get cool 3D imaging feature added to their device.

Dacuda touts this app to be a simple to use app but the technology (SLAM Scan 3D technology) employed in it is really a complex one. A beta version of the app is now available that can be downloaded for free by all iPhone 6 users.

Originally the app was developed to capture 3D images of food items targeting food photography that is gaining popularity but now it is found to work wonders even in getting similarly sized objects snaps.

Originally the 3DAround app was created  targeting food photography

Originally the 3DAround app was created targeting food photography

iPhone 6 devices with 3DAround app can capture 360 degree pictures of items in just few seconds giving out not just 3D images but also interactive images. All thanks to the accelerometer of the iPhone 6 devices with which its users can view the 3D images in the app by tilting their phones that makes the pictures shift and pan around according to movements.

Dacuda’s Alexander Ilic on reporting to BGR stated that this app allows its users to share their full dining experiences with 3D images that are so real in making its viewers to almost taste the food. According to him, 3DAround app captures the objects depth and structure with the user moving around to take a snap of the food item from various angles. These multiple images are then combined by the app into a single, 3D virtual photo.

The app has been tested by its company where they find it to be working quite well. It being fast enough to capture images also processes them quickly.

The 3DAround app just like any other complex photography apps has the same issue when it comes to sharing the 3D images. Now that the interactive 3D photos can be viewed only in the 3DAround app the other person receiving the 3D images also need to have the app downloaded to view them.

But something good happening is that it enables users to still save and share 2D version of the images they capture and also allows sharing of links to interactive images that can later be viewed in a web browser.

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