5 Professional Social Media Sites to Fetch you the Right Job

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 5:33pm by Pavithra Manisha

Unemployed? Looking to get hired in a suitable job? Are you in a quest for professional contacts in your industry? Are you just keen in searching for other job prospects?  Don’t know where to find them?  Search no further than the World Wide Web for Professional Social Media.

Employers and other recruiters are these days preferring to hire people who are tech-savvy enough with an updated job profile and those who look for opportunities on the internet with Professional Social Media site. You are probably now thinking of LinkedIn. It isn’t enough to have an updated profile just on LinkedIn to find a suitable job. Particularly if you are running a business or are working for a business then you need to reach out to people on a whole new level.

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Apart from the famous Professional Social Media platform there are four other job sites that you need to set up your profile, so that you get noticed. These days getting the right job is very difficult. So what are you waiting for?

List of Professional Social Media sites  to have a profile on


This is probably one of the best meta-search engines. It lets you clean hunt the entire web for the perfect job that fits your skill set. This page has a Google like search result style that makes it simple for users to find the right job. All that you have to do is enter a search term like how you do it on Google and then wait for a few seconds for the search engine to fetch the suitable jobs. Look at the list for the good match and apply for the vacancy.

Indeed.com’s home page lets you search for jobs in your state. Jobs are also posted categorically so that you can search for the suitable job that has been sorted. It is best to narrow down your search by typing  the specific job title, company and region that you wish to apply for. Also additionally you can enter the name of the city, state or the ZIP code specifically to get preferable search results.

Indeed- Professional Social Media


Indeed displays the recent job searches that you have looked for earlier. This lets you just simply click again without having to go to the history tab to find the page. It also sends you email updates of recent employment postings based on the search that you have performed. Indeed’s service is commendable as it provides fast search results and is simple to use.

On the downside, there is redundancy in the job postings as the same position seems to appear in the search results. Also sometimes irrelevant jobs not related to the desired position tend to pop up in the searches.  The best part is the service is free of cost.


This site has a huge database that sort of combines job requirements that are posted around the Web. SimplyHired contains a list of available work and also keeps its users continuously updated about the rise and fall of the employment world. This site makes use of the information and data found on other professional sites, social media and company websites. This site provides a broader selection with all the searches. This professional site also keeps its users updated about the organisations that they are interested in joining.



To search for job vacancies on the go you can also make use of the SimplyHired app. There is also a blog that helps users in job hunting. The blog also offers professional advice and career guidance for working professionals who are looking to change over. There is also a tool to calculate the salary and then compare it with other peers in the same field over other regions.  SimplyHired caters to service to the folklore of U.S only. Also some users complain of having trouble posting the resumes to the site directly.


Everyone must be aware of monstor.com. it was created back in 1999. This is one of the most visited job sites in the U.S. This site basically finds the company that matches the user’s skill in the particular specific location. You an also search generally for jobs with job titles related to the industries like accounting, finance and journalism.



Monster also provides career advice and lets you make articles and professionally written resumes easily. You can also add you LinkedIn account and make the application process simple. Also updates that you make are reflected immediately on your profile.

There is also a mobile app dedicated to job seekers to follow the recruiters, save matching jobs and then build the network. The app also lets you upload your resume and then apply for jobs while you are on the go. But the drawback with this site is that there are a lot of scam ads that appear that actually aren’t real jobs. Apart from that the service from monster doesn’t cost you anything.


Get a sneek peek of the your desired workplace, search for companies and look for the perfect job through Glassdoor. Members of Glassdoor can find the right opportunities through the listings. When you open a specific company page will connect you to the firm’s Facebook account where it can be rated or the current ratings can be viewed. There are also reviews from the current and past employees, so that you can get an idea of the depth of the company that you wish to work for. The reviews are so intense that you can easily get a sense of how your first day of work at the firm ought to be.  This also provides a critical impression about the firm that the users wish to work for. Beware though as unfavourable reviews have not showed up on the site so far.




On LinkedIn every employee will surely have an account no doubt. This is one of the most popular job site that displays the skills, achievements and experience as an expert in a particular field. Get noticed by recruiting managers with your LinkedIn account. This site also has a very large database that can help you look for the right job. Improve the visibility of your profile and let employers view it by setting the LinkedIn profile to public. You can evaluate the person and their skills by just checking out the LinkedIn account.



LinkedIn provides a detailed profile and background of the users and this makes it easy for companies to get an overall idea of the job seeker with the information that they  have provided. There is also a connect button that lets you follow a person, a group or a company so that you can be updated. This site is not meant for advertising like other job sites. There is a paid subscription that is available to avail greater functionality.

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Wrap up

Not everyone gets to be in a career that matches their skills. So make the most of all your abilities and grow professionally by posting your resume on Professional Social Media sites.

Get heard. Do you know any other Professional Social Media site that fetches you the most suitable job. Let you know by commenting in the section below.

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