72 Hour Security Lockout – Android Mobile Vulnerability

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Android – the world’s largest mobile operating system used over billions of people. As we know, Android has all amazing features that could bring us cheer and feel privileged under various circumstances, in the form of gaming and apps as well. But wait, the same legendary OS has several bugs within it and common users doesn’t even aware of it. Certainly, the wait is over! We are here to have detailed information about one of the lethal vulnerabilities existing with the Google Android. It originates with the improper factory resetting of Android mobile.

You cannot Access Android Smartphone for 72 Hours:

In the early March 2015, Google has come up with a new feature on its Android OS, something termed as “Device Protection” for the Android L OS. There is a new security feature built with it and termed as “Factory Reset Protection”. This is where the 72 Hour Security Lockout starts with. This security feature is automatically tripped in the form of resetting your Google Account Password with the Android L mobile.

This new feature from Google for Android L devices helps the user to gain the complete control over their account. It is really a better move from Google in the case of your Google Account password compromised or the mobile is stolen! The “Lock” and “Key” is the basic concept behind this new security lock feature.

Though, you have to wait for the 72 Hour Security Lockout expires, still need to access the account by login with the same password you used to sign-in previously. Obviously, later it comes with the account verification process. Really ridiculous, isn’t it!

No Other Way to Stop the Impact – Google:

72 Hour Security Lockout – Android Mobile Vulnerability

No Need of Pattern Lock or Pin for Erasing your Mobile Data

Most of us definitely feel frustrated, in the case of 72 Hour Security Lockout (if happened, really me too), but, Google has a reasonable reason behind it. This is the only way to stop the negative impact of any Google account, in case of the Android mobile went stolen, says Google. It explains further that, any hacker or thief with the mobile can be easily get the access of erasing the mobile data (without the use of pattern or pin lock stuffs), perhaps not the account signed in with it. This 72 Hour Security Lockout theoretically helps you to gain access to your account and protect any miscellaneous attempts with the same.

Is there any route to stop the Factory Reset Protection?

The answer to this incredible question relies in one word, hardly, “NO”. This gives a logical statement that, “you will have a useless Smartphone until the 72 Hour Security Lockout expire automatically”. Interestingly, you will have ZERO aware of the same event, if it has happened to your device (no intelligent notification will ping you the same, LOL!).

As you know, Google has ample of support for every problem you face with it, even in this case, Google help you by saying, and “just wait out for the timer expires”. Until then, you can use the same Smartphone (irrespective of the cost or maker) can be effectively used as a Paperweight!

Can I disable the 72 Hour Security Lockout Feature?

Definitely, it’s an incredible move, which (Google) by default assumes to be a phone thieve! But, coming to the question, the answer is yes and you can simply follow the instructions given below.

72 Hour Security Lockout – Android Mobile Vulnerability

How to stop the 72 hours lockout security features

Every root access to the Android mobile is possible only through enabling the Developers Option. Make sure, you enable the same in the process of disabling the 72 Hour Security Lockout during the Factory Reset. Ha, once you have done it, “You are a Developer now”, Google confirms so!

“Enable OEM Unlock”, find it from the developer option.

Just hit enable in the check box. You will be automatically getting a warning message from Google stating that, “this will disable device protection features, and this includes factory reset protection”. Until this checkbox is enabled, the OEM Unlock security feature will not be working!

This move offers two different options, which neither comes under the good or evil. The first thing is, it doesn’t support any of the factory reset protection, and even any third party solutions, could completely swipe your mobile data, naturally. Secondly, the OEM unlock feature is offered exclusively by the manufacturer of the mobile, not Google doesn’t have any direct connection with it. If you are in the bad section, you won’t have the option of enabling “OEM Unlocking”.

If you are not gifted with the OEM Unlocking, the only way you could get the rid out of the 72 Hour Security Lockout is to “Disable ADP”. This again makes the Android mobile to run on the unsecured screen, which doesn’t require any password or PIN, pattern to disable your Google account registered with the mobile, without any further authorization requirements.

How to find my Phone has a Factory Reset Protection?

72 Hour Security Lockout – Android Mobile Vulnerability

how to find my Phone has a Factory Reset Protection

The one and only way to dig-it out is trying the “Factory Reset” option. You have to try the same, with the mobile pattern unlocked and Google accounts signed in as well.

Is there any warning when I reset my Factory Setting?

This is certainly a bad move from Google, really, because, there is no intimation about that. It is a most important feature, which every Smartphone user must be made aware about the Google account password changed immediately, but Google failed to provoke the same within the device, instead of offering alert on Email!


If the Google account password changed at the time of Factory Reset, there is no way to escape from the 72 Hour Security Lockout. Finding the route to stop the same makes the mobile even invincible to the hackers. Interestingly, it exists only on Android 5.1 Lollipop and higher versions. So, if you are using any lower version Android, then there won’t be any impact with the 72 Hour Security Lockout! It’s a major bummer, isn’t it!

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