AdBlock Mobile Browser Relief From Annoying Ads in Smartphone

Posted on May 22 2015 - 10:25am by Techie Gen

Google, the legendary internet servicing company as several advanced features, which allows users to make the most of it without any cost. But you know, most of their revenues were generated by us without knowing the concept. Advertisement is the biggest revenue for Google and the end user are the highly targeted people to generate the revenue. Finding a Google Product without advertisement in it is a breathtaking move. Be it a Chrome Browser for web pages, Playing YouTube Videos, playing Games in Android Smartphone, utilizing any third party apps, you can’t escape from the advertisement, that’s Google.

Finding a Way to Block the Annoying Ads:

AdBlock Mobile Browser Relief From Annoying Ads in Smartphone

New AdBlock Plus Mobile browser Launched today

Most of us definitely feel frustrated during the display of annoying ads, while we are playing games at its best entertainment stage or any other official usages of apps as well. Finding a better way to block these advertisements will definitely a better relief to the end user, which will make them to concentrate more with their works. The AdBlock extension is one among the few innovative moves made by the developers to make users get rid of annoying ads in the Chrome Browser. But, this will not help the users to get worry free Android Smartphone experience indeed.

Download AdBlock Mobile Browser for Android:

Just to make the Android Smartphone users to free from annoying ads, the AdBlock extension comes in another format to end users. Yes, this time, the extension has been converted into a whole browser. Today, AdBlock launched the AdBlock Mobile Browser, which will block the ads by default. This is the beta version of the browser and it is under testing condition only. Interestingly, this beta version AdBlock Mobile Browser has been developed using the open source codes from Firefox and support well with the Android Mobiles.

First AdBlock Mobile Browser for Android:

AdBlock Plus has launched their first in class AdBlock Mobile Browser for Android Smartphones. As per the company claims, “this AdBlock mobile browser will automatically eradicate, which in turn provides better battery backup by saving the same. Also, it keeps you away from the threats in online and makes you experience safe browsing at its best”.

AdBlock Cited Problems in Mobile Extension:

AdBlock Mobile Browser Relief From Annoying Ads in Smartphone

Adblock Plus Android Smartphone Browser Under Beta Testing

While speaking about the launching of exclusive AdBlock Mobile Browser, the officials stated that, “the AdBlock mobile extension has certain issues with the mobile that makes users feel uncomfortable in some situations. This is the main reason behind the launching of elite AdBlock Mobile Browser, where users will definitely get reliable browsing experience without annoying ads”.

Privacy Issues with AdBlock Mobile Browser:

Some of the user’s claims that, the AdBlock plus extension in the Chrome browser make them feel violated their privacy and we are identifying the issues and will rectify it, if any, official said. You can simply test the new AdBlock Mobile Browser by joining the AdBlock Browser Beta in Google+ Community.

Bottom Line:

It was earlier reported that, Google is allegedly paid some sum to AdBlock to let it advertisements display in the end users’ devices. Also, there is no doubt that, Google is paying to the extension developers to make its advertisements to come in “Whitelist” under scrutiny. However, if we experience any worry free Android Smartphone games or apps and even browsing without any annoying ads using the AdBlock Mobile Browser, it is definitely a great move to billions in the world.

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