Always On Display Wi-Fi Support with Latest Android Wear Update

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Rumors are not always rumors! They might be leaks as well. Once again the rumor mill proved how worthy are they in the industry to discharge the live or leaked or even the rumor news on the go in real time manner. Yes folks, the long living rumor of bringing latest Android Wear Update to the recently launched wearable Android gadgets come true, as Google officially made the premeditated statement of the same. Of course, this latest Android Wear Update from Google will exclusively bring the excellent Wi-Fi support to the existing Smartwatches in the market, which could help you to stay connected with your Smartphone in various technical formats.

Android Wear Update Rolled Out to Smartwatches:

As per the long anticipation by the Smartwatch users for any newbie update of the Google, this official news could really be a better boost. Yes, Google planned to roll out the Android Wear Update to all the existing Android wearable Smartwatches in the near future, but at the same time it has been rolled out to the LG Watch Urbane device. You can really experience the new software release for your Smartwatches within a few weeks from now.

Not Only Wi-Fi But Also the Always on Apps:

This new Android Wear Update not only helps the Wi-Fi support with the Android wear, but also there are few new features enabled with the Apps installed with the Smartwatches categorically. Yes, with the help of this upcoming Android Wear Update, most of the apps will get the feature of Always on. Interestingly, this Always on concept brings your Android Wearable gadgets display in ON condition for most of the time. The existing “always on display” in the Smartwatches are displaying only the Date & Time (similar to the ordinary watches) and this update could make an immense difference categorically.

Android Wear Update – Advantage for Developers:

Always on Wi-Fi Support with Latest Android Wear Update

Always on Wi-Fi Support with Latest Android Wear Update

Any latest update from the Google in the Android sector will definitely be an advantage for the developers indeed. The main reason for it is that, the update could really be helpful in various features and enhanced performance of the gadget. One of the notable advantages that the Android developers could get from this Android Wear Update is that, they can make their apps stay visible for a long period of time.

The Smartness of the Google:

Of course, Google acts smartly in various incredible features they launched in the internet world. Hope you the battery concerned is one among the important and crucial factor in the success of any Android Wearable gadget indeed. Though the performance of the battery is majorly held with the hardware features, the software combination is also has considerable impact with the easy draining of the battery, irrespective of the maker. Hence, Google has deliberately rolled out this Android Wear Update, in which, the Always on display will show its full colors only when you are actively looking at your display. The rest of the time, it shows only the regular features like exact time, this is in the process of saving the Android Smartwatches battery, without any doubt.

Moving Gestures Built With Android Wear Update:

The process of implementing the advanced features like moving gestures is enabled with the upcoming Android Wear Update. With the use of this functionality, you can effectively get the notification scrolling by a simple flick of your wrist (Android Wearable Gadget). Apparently, you can also get the contacts and messaging features right from the home screen with the upcoming update. Amusingly, you can simply draw the images of your lovable emoji and the same could appear on your message section. Really easy and interesting right!

Let’s Say Bye to Bluetooth: Welcome Wi-Fi:

This latest Android Wear Update could really break up your relationship with the Android existing Bluetooth paired connectivity. Yes, because, you don’t even need any paired Bluetooth connectivity support for the right operation of your Smartwatch with your Smartphone, as you can simply utilize the amazing Wi-Fi connectivity features, with improved long distance coverages as well.

Bottom Line:

All that you required with your Smartwatch is that, active connection with any of your Wi-Fi network with Internet access. With the Smartphone, you just need an active data connection, that’s it. You can simply get your Smartphone’s notification irrespective of, your distance, right up on your wrist!

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