Amazon’s Alexa powered Tap and Echo Dot launched to Take Over ‘Smart Homes’

Posted on Mar 4 2016 - 3:32pm by Pavithra Manisha

Smart homes are in demand. With more people digging deep into technology and people liking to live in a  smart home, there are quite a lot of smart gadgets that are launched everyday. Based on a recent survey conducted in the U.S it was found that about 57% of the 4,600 adults who participated in the study, were interested in using one such smart home device. With the demand increasing, this is the primary reason that big giants are working to design a perfect home that senses and listen to all your gestures.

Alexa family

Alexa family


The e-commerce giant unveiled two new smart home devices in a mission to amplify the role that its voice controlled assistant Alexa is currently playing. The devices called the Amazon Tap and Echo Dot are all set to take up on its rivals like Siri, Cortana and Google’s search engine.  Amazon Echo is a cylindrical shaped speaker with internet connected microphones.  Once you set these gadgets you can command them to simply read the morning’s headlines!

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The Amazon Tap and Echo Dot cost about $180 and offer variant features in its attempt to plant these internet connected microphones in many more homes.

Alexa could only answer trivia questions, play some music and also order things from the Amazon website. Also the device’s limited range didn’t do much good.  But as Amazon learned what the customers are expecting, it made Alexa more versatile. The tech giant let outside programmers to build apps that work with Alexa. So that the skillset of Alexa’s services expanded. It has improved its ability and can now perform about 300 other complicated tasks like controlling home thermostats, turning on lights and hailing car rides.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap doesn’t need to be plugged in and has been slimmed down to 6.25 inch from the earlier 9.25 version. Tap requires a touch on the button in front of the device and then prompt Alexa to awaken and listen to the command or question. This conserves the battery power. Tap can connect to the internet via Bluetooth or WiFi-signals.

Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot is shaped like a hockey puck as it doesn’t have a large speaker. It lets people to plug this into other sound systems and provide better audio than the built in Echo. Echo Dot is an initiative to let Alexa’s presence beyond fixed positions. It operates on energy intensive technology that summons Alexa from 25 feet away.  Dot is priced at $90.

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Both these smart devices can be availed from and shipments will start by March end. Anyone can avail the Tap but Dot is confined to those who have already bought an Echo or Amazons’s Fire TV device.

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