Amazon Prime is Expected to Launch in India

Posted on Jul 23 2015 - 10:49pm by Aparna
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Amazon has been famous since a long time for online shopping and discounts. Of late, this brand came up with a feature called Amazon Prime. They have plans to launch this service at the end of this year so that a huge mass can be benefitted from Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is membership program introduced by Amazon recently. This service helps you to shop for unlimited products online without worrying about their shipping cost. Moreover, there will be no minimum order on the products and you can even have unlimited backup for photos which will help you a great deal.


Amazon Prime will also provide you with access to streaming movies and videos. Free books from kindle lending library are an added feature here. The best part is that all this is made available to you at the price of $99 per year. Thus other than backup and streaming, all other facilities can be compared to that of Flipkart. Moreover, Amazon is planning to launch its instant video service which will be a huge competition to Netflix.



Amazon was launched in India in the year 2013. Since then, its regular customers are waiting for the launch of Amazon Prime and its instant video service. Discussions are going on regarding the price of Amazon Prime but people are more eager for free video and music streaming. Amazon’s instant video is used for providing the customers with stock as well as original programming abroad. The same is expected in India and this is what the customers are expecting from Amazon creators. India is devoid of digital music service which is working well in other countries. Thus many features are to be added in Amazon Prime which is going to make a huge difference and will be successful in added more customers in the league of Amazon premium. The instant video service is going to come as a huge change which will surely make Amazon different from others.

Amazon’s Instant Video is a good service which will provide you with streaming for TV shows as well as movies. They will also be able to show their own content in a unique fashion. This will start with streaming of the first episode of a certain TV show. After the show ends, people will be asked to rate the show and vote for it. Thus, it will help the viewers to catch the best series. For time being, Amazon is concerned only with streaming of current TV shows and movies before it sets foot on original Indian programming.


Amazon is taking help of features added in Flipkart to add digital music service. Moreover, it is try to compete with Netflix which is stated to come next year. It is a good time for the customers to explore a host of e-commerce websites and choose the best one, since every website is striving to be the best in market.

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