Android M Provides Nexus Smartphones 2 Years Firmware Update

Posted on May 27 2015 - 8:11am by Techie Gen

The dates for releasing the next version of the legendary Smartphone operating system from Google has been inching so close and hence the leaks regarding the same goes viral on online. Like the Google Play Edition (GPE) devices, which is exclusively running on the stock Android without any customization, the Nexus devices could also get its countdown to the end. For the best example, you could still work with the Windows XP operating system; perhaps, you won’t get any professional support from the OS developers (say, Microsoft). This could be the same scenario for the (Google) Nexus devices in the future.

End for Nexus Devices are on the Way:

At one hand, most of the people are definitely looking forward to the event of Google I/O 2015, where the Internet giant could launch the new iteration of Android, i.e. Android M. Interestingly, on the other hand, the supreme Android M could make some of the familiar devices to put halt. Though, it is an expected move from Google, but not that earlier.

Android M Provides Nexus Smartphones 2 Years Firmware Update

Android M Makes End of Support to Nexus Mobiles

Unfortunately, the Android M is poured to bring the hard end for the Nexus devices in the near future. This rule is simply applied to the entire Nexus family from the 4 to the latest Nexus 9 stuff.

No Firmware Support; Perhaps the Security:

Hope you know, Google never leaks any of this kind of information in the recent past years, but due to the realities, it is very unwise if the Internet giant not disclose any of their plans with the existing stuff. Hence, today, Google has completely revealed its new phase of providing support and withdrawing the same to the existing devices in depth.

Interestingly, the Android M brings the end of the firmware support alone, whilst you still get the security features in an authentic form. There are several new & exclusive Android M apps & games are uploaded to the Google Play Store already. This shows the rival among the Android M developers as successfully started before the release of the Operating System indeed.

Schedule of Ending the Firmware Support for Nexus Devices:

  • Major System Updates for the Nexus Devices à 2 Years from the release of Android M.
  • Security Update for Nexus Devices à 3 Years from the Android M Release
  • Security Updates for Android M Apps à 18 months from the date of purchase from Google Play Store.


Your Nexus Device will get the feature of either 18 months security updates or the 3 years of Security updates, whichever is longer as per the release of Android M along with the date of your purchase indeed. Also, purchasing any older in the Nexus family will never provide you any support in the OS level, perhaps only the 18 months of security updates.

Exact List of End Dates to Google Nexus Devices:

Nexus 4: All the OS updates have been done and security updates will last up to the end of 2015.

Nexus 7: This is applied to the original version of the 2012 model. This mobile too completed the OS level features and Security features could end its support by this summer (2015)

Nexus 7: (The 2013 Model). The OS level updates will last up to 3rd quarter of 2015 and Security updates will be up to Q1 2016.

Android M Provides Nexus Smartphones 2 Years Firmware Update

GOOGLE Nexus Smartphone Gets End for OS Level Updates

Nexus 10: OS updates completed and eligible to get the security updates until Q1 2016.

Nexus 5: You will get the OS level updates until Q3 2015 also the security features up to Q3 2016.

Nexus 6: Will get the OS level updates until Q3 2015 also, the security features up to Q3 2017.

Nexus 9: OS level updates until Q3 2015 also, the security features up to Q3 2017.

Wise Move by Google to Users Stop Users Mindset:

Is this the end of Google Nexus Devices (like GPE Devices)? Not certainly. Yes, it is definitely an impressive move handled by Google to make the users to get aware of “Google Won’t Provide Complete Support for Nexus Devices Until it Ends”.

Bottom Line:

Android M Provides Nexus Smartphones 2 Years Firmware Update

Macadamia Nut Cookie Google Android M Next Iteration

As of now, this is definitely a rumor, but we left only 24 hours to get the official confirmation about the same. Yes, the complete official news about the Android M will be made available in the Google I/O 2015, which is scheduled to held from tomorrow, i.e. 28th May 2015. Also, the new rumor about the code name Android M could have the “Macadamia Nut Cookie” version indeed. Stay amazed with the Techlive Info updates; also, we will cover the live Highlights of Google I/O tomorrow.

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