Google releases the Android Security 2015 Annual Report: Facts & Figures

Posted on Apr 21 2016 - 8:55pm by Pavithra Manisha

Google released the Android Security 2015 Annual Report on Tuesday and has claimed that the number of Android devices that installed Potential Harmful Apps (PHAs)  from the Google Play Store over 2015 has reduced drastically owing to the measures the search giant had taken. Google has been striving hard for over a year now to remove apps from the Google Play Store.

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The company in its report stated that three of the safety measures that it had adhered to, resulted in improvement by specifically checking more than 6 billion installed applications daily and scanning over 400 million devices everyday to come across network based device threats and thereby protect users from other websites and downloads through Safe browsing on Google Chrome for Android. Google has also improved its machine learning and event correlation to detect harmful behavior if any. It said that the measures it had taken, reduced the probability of installing a Potential Harmful App from Google Play Store by more than 40 %.  

Android PHA comparison

Android PHA comparison

Based on the reports, the company has testified that PHAs were installed on fewer than 0.15 % of devices that only get apps from Google Play. 0.5 % of devices that install apps from both Google Play and other sources had a PHA installed in 2015.

The charts suggest that the data collection app install attempts have dropped over 40 % to 0.08 % of installs, spyware install attempts dropped from 60 % to 0.02 % of installs and hostile download attempts plunged from 50 % to 0.01 % of installs.

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Google has also improved 50 % of PHA warning effectiveness to Verify Apps service that is more important for users.  Also as per the recent stats the Android Marshmallow version is running on 4.6 % of active Android devices, while the  Lollipop OS version tops the list with 35.8 % .

Get heard. Have you been affected by any of the PHAs from Google Play? Do you think Google has taken security steps? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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