Is Apple secretly working on an electric car project named “Titan”?

Posted on Feb 17 2015 - 7:20am by TechliveTech
Is Apple getting to built its own electric car?

Is Apple getting to built its own electric car?

Apple Inc. considered the world’s richest company and a giant in the technology world seems to be gearing up with its next project. With the company’s latest gadget being the Apple Watch which has still not been released there are talks happening around of its next project -assumed to be the making of an electric car.

It is reported that hundred of person picked from both inside and outside the company and selected by Steve Zadesky, vice president design and former Ford engineer working secretly on an electric vehicle design. The project to get the Apple branded electric vehicle developed is apparently code named as “Titan”, though of course Apple needs to change the name as it is owned by Nissan as well.

With Apple not ready to comment on the project, sources known to the company have revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the company is to revolutionize electric cars the same way as it did the smartphone market with its iPhone.

According to the sources, Apple executives have flown to Austria already to meet up with the high-end car manufacturer – Magna Steyr representatives and on considering the team size involved the project seems to be a serious plan. Also it can be noted that last year Apple had hired Marc Newson the person behind the Ford 021C, a concept car shown at Tokyo Motor Show 1999.

Ford 021C, a concept car shown at Tokyo Motor Show 1999.

Ford 021C, a concept car shown at Tokyo Motor Show 1999.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO reportedly had signed off for the Titan project almost a year ago appointing Steve Zadesky to lead the team. Zadesky was permitted to create a team of 1,000-person for working on the car and to cherry-pick employees. Also sources report that the company had persuaded many of its employees who were actually considering leaving the company, they were offered to work on the Titan project.

Last year end an “automotive research lab” has been established reportedly at a confidential location in Silicon Valley taking it away from the Apple’s main Cupertino campus and this suggests that it might still take years for the final product release.

Google, Apple’s rival tech firm is known to be working for years on a driverless car and by now Apple should have understood not to take up this route with Titan. Also the company with its CarPlay – the dashboard touchscreen system has obtainable links with the car industry and it is being supported by many auto makers like Volvo, Daimler and Volkswagen.

Previous perception of technology industry commentators dismissed Apple’s idea of getting into electric car making with the reason being it not having own facility that is capable for mass production of the automobile. An industry insider reported to Financial Times stating that to draw pictures it’s just one thing but to manufacture things it is a quantum leap and Apple doesn’t even manufacture.

But on close note if realized, for Apple getting a car plant built would not be a problem as it owns cash around $178 billion (£115bn). If Apple’s Titan does get completed, then it is for sure to compete with Tesla’s ground-breaking vehicles.

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