Apple Watch: Its Launch Event and New Details revealed by Tim Cook

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Apple Watch new details get revealed by Tim Cook

Apple Watch new details get revealed by Tim Cook

The recent news from Apple is that it has sent out invitations for a March 9 media event to be held in San Francisco, which is almost a month before the much-anticipated new Apple Watch launch. As per reports, the March 9 special event could possibly be to showcase Apple Watch that is to be launched in April.

Though nothing specific was told by the world’s largest technology company of what the event is going to be all about, the invitation had “Spring Forward” on it that resembles a word play available on the daylight saving time resetting of watches. Also ahead of this tell-all media event, Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook has disclosed a bit more about the company’s first new product ever since 2010.

Tim Cook, last month while announcing the company’s record-breaking earning revealed their plan to launch their smartwatch in April 2015. This Apple Watch is to allow its users check on their emails, make payments for goods bought at retail stores along with monitoring their personal health while also being the company’s first major new product released after its iPad since 2010.

If noticed, the Apple Watch was announced in September 2014 but no more details about the device’s availability were revealed by the company except that it might be launched during ‘early Spring’. It was then by Angela Ahrendts (Apple retail chief) some more specific details of the Watch’s availability were revealed that mentioned it not getting to be released before the Chinese New Year. She even divulged of Apple’s plan for its Watch’s marketing strategies and how it would train all its retail employees to assist consumers to try out the new watch and its features.

Though Apple Watch might not have all the health features as were told initially by the company, it is to bear a unique system which will reward its users with credits to promote exercise. Apple with these features hopes to give users incentive to go about wearing the device even in the shower and as much as possible.

Latest about Apple Watch as told by Tim Cook in an interview to the Telegraph is that it will replace car keys while getting battery life lasting for the whole day. Tim told in the interview that the watch is designed in a way to replace car keys and the large, clumsy remote key fobs now given with many vehicles. This might also be to help strengthen Apple’s recent automotive objectives.

The Apple Watch’s battery is said to last the whole day and also would get charged fast not taking as long as it takes to charge an iPhone. Apart from this the watch would also work via Apple Pay as a credit card and nothing was mentioned with regards to how its verification would be done.

Citing Cook’s conversation, the Telegraph said that the rollout of the watch is expected to pose its Apple’s stores with a challenging environment and it may tweak the experience in the store as it would be the first device sold by the company that can be tried on.

Brief about Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch is said to be designed in a square shape rather than the popularized circular design emitted by Motorola’s Moto 360. Looking at the demo given during its launch keynote, it can be expected that the Watch can perform a lot of stuff. With different ranges available with the Watch, its crafting also differ as follows,

  • The typical Apple Watch is crafted from custom alloys of space black or polished stainless steel.
  • Apple Watch Sport gets space gray or silver anodized aluminum.
  • While Apple Watch Edition gets yellow or 18-karat rose gold.
Apple Watch (316L model)

Apple Watch (316L model)

Apple Watch (316L model): black leather 316l stainless steel apple watch this is 38mm or 42mm case with black leather classic buckle band stainless steel buckle sapphire crystal retina display and ceramic back.

Apple Watch Sport (7000 Series):

Apple Watch Sport (7000 Series):

Apple Watch Sport (7000 Series): blue sport 7000 series silver aluminum apple watch that has 38mm or 42mm case along with blue fluoroelastomer sports band. It comes with stainless steel pin-ion-x-glass with retina display and composite back.

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition: rose gold edition with gray band 18-karat rose gold apple-watch-edition that comes with 38mm case only with rose-gray-leather and modern buckle band that is of 18-karat-rose-gold-along with sapphire crystal retina display.

Initially MP3 players were available before iPods and smartphones were rivaled with iPhones similarly Cook believes that Apple Watch will take over the smartwatch product category. But on looking at the smartwatches of today that don’t exactly have a real purpose or need, it’ll possibly be Apple’s toughest chore. And whether or not Cook with his company would be able to change the sigma is something that we need to wait and see.

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