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Processor – the heart of any electronic machine, which determines the speed, performance and many other characteristics of the device. There are ample of competitions running around the world, irrespective of any specific goods. Nevertheless the competition among the processor manufacturing companies goes down. Though Qualcomm leads the race, MediaTek and ARM still has the capabilities of chasing the leader in real time manner. Today, ARM, one among the leading processor & chipset manufacturing companies has unveiled its another high end CPU, none other than ARM Cortex A72. This has happened over the ARM’s official annual event in London.

Features About ARM Cortex A72 CPU:

  • Manufacturing method 16nm FinFET Mobile SoC technology
  • Better Combination of big.TITTLE concept
  • Slimmer and Cooler Devices with 75% Less Energy Consumer
  • Designed to operate at high mobile frequencies

More Detailed Information about the ARM Cortex A72:

New Processor From ARM Cortex A72 – High End CPU

New Cortex A72 Smartphone CPU launched

While coming to the detailed report of the ARM Cortex A72 high end CPU, it’s simply featured for the faster, slimmer and high efficiency providing next generation processor indeed. This ARM Cortex A72 CPU is wider than A57 Chipset with the higher single threaded performance. With respect to the new ARM Architecture, ARM has re-optimized every logical block from Cortex A57, in order to reduce the power consumption of the CPU. Apart from that, it also saves the static power loss through stopping the leakage.

More Significant Logical Block Changes:

There is much prediction analyzer associated with the ARM Cortex A57 comparing the ancestor A57, which is about 20% higher than that. Interestingly, this chipset has been powered with the new 3way L1 cache. This kind of cache helps you much to perform better through “Direct Mapped Cache” technique.

The finest state of the art was implemented with the device to get the perfect latency gains from the board. Almost the entire cycles from the FMUL, FMAC, FADD, and CVT has been reduced by a considerable amount of cycles indeed. The bandwidth of the ARM Cortex A72 CPU i.e radix 16 and its pipeline CRC has been offered more bandwidth for the incredible faster operation of the device. This move has enabled the L2 Cache of the processor tuned to a higher frequency than the earlier versions. This not only improves the speed of the ARM Cortex A72 CPU, but also the performance of the same with better gain indeed.

Real Time Competitor to Qualcomm & MediaTek:

New Processor From ARM Cortex A72 – High End CPU

ARM cortex a72 block diagram basics

Though the ARM Company is primarily targeting the next generation CPU in the market, it is simply touching another feast at the market by launching this 28nm comparable ARM Cortex A72 CPU. Hope you know, both the legendary CPU makers Qualcomm and MediaTek as already unveiled their 28nm high end CPU at the market, the ARM joins the same later this year, which will really have a positive impact over their market shares.

The performance of the instruction per cycle (IPC) of the ARM Cortex A72 CPU has been claimed to have 20 to 60% improved efficiency than ARM Cortex A57 CPU indeed. The maximized clock frequency of this CPU can be clocked at 2.7GHz, which is again 10% (approx) higher than the previous chipset A57, which is clocked to a maximum frequency of 2.5GHz. Again the performance of the latest Cortex A72 CPU using the performance per watt usages, leads about 18 to 30% than the ancestor, based on various load characteristics. Though the official statement from the ARM industry provides better impact with their latest CPU, the same is overthrown by the Broadwell CPU in the industry.

Bottom Line – ARM Cortex A72:

New Processor From ARM Cortex A72 – High End CPU

new ARM cortex a72 consumption at different processes

Perhaps, as of now on the paper, the ARM Cortex A72 has clicked the entire checklist of smarter, smaller, energy efficient and faster as well. One thing is pretty sure that, ARM gives its patent license to several other third party chip makers. We have to wait and watch what the rest mobile CPU makers such as Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek and several other real time competitors in the market do with the ARM Cortex A72 chip indeed.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm is also working on their flagship high end Smartphone processor none other than Kyro and more details about the same could be made available within a few weeks from now. As already the Snapdragon 820 has the 14/16nm fabrication technology, it will really be interesting to get the news about the Kyro especially with the fabrication process. To add more competition in the CPU market, Intel Core M and Cherry Trail platforms are already debuted in the industry. Still we have plenty of time to get this high end CPU on board with any Smartphones in the later part of the year.

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