Asus to launch Stainless Steel VivoWatch with 10-day battery life

Posted on Apr 16 2015 - 5:08pm by TechliveTech
Asus VivoWatch’s highlight is its 10 day battery life

Asus VivoWatch’s highlight is its 10 day battery life

Asus earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress hinted of its gearing up to reveal a new smartwatch called the Asus VivoWatch. Of course Asus rocked with its Asus ZenWatch that was released some time earlier when there were fewer smartwatches in the market and was considered the better-looking smartwatch. But now it is not the case as Apple Watch is doing its rounds currently.

To catch up with the market trend Asus is in terms to give out its VivoWatch which according to reports, is displayed at Milan Design Week. Also a video showing the actions of the watch has got revealed.  Even a trailer spotting the VivoWatch was released by Asus which shows off its classy stainless steel design with a promising 10 days battery life.

Though the VivoWatch follows the Asus ZenWatch (Asus’s previous wearable), it focuses more on health and fitness. This proves to be a completely different device when compared with its September 2014 released Asus ZenWatch that was powered by Android Wear.

On coming to its design, the VivoWatch being a very fitness-centric device sports a stainless steel body enabling its users to set targets and work towards achieving it by tracking their efforts as well. It is promised with the IP67 certification for both water and dust resistance, so even submerged in water at a depth of 3.2 feet for about 30 minutes the watch can break out unscathed. The smartwatch also gets a heart-rate monitoring sensor along with the ability to track sleep. It is to feature a black and white display so as to conserve battery along with a green LED light strip below.

Asus VivoWatch’s highlight is its battery life:

Not just the above mentioned, the Asus VivoWatch’s main USP is its battery life. The company after seeing so many smartwatches in the market is creating this VivoWatch to be an innovative one from the others. Hence Asus promises its buyers of a stable battery life for about a good 10 days on this new VivoWatch. So to achieve this extended battery life on its new watch, Asus replaces Android Wear by employing a new operating system that is specifically developed for this VivoWatch.

The new operating system is however based on Android, but is to offer a little classic take on the platform. Along with the new OS, the VivoWatch is to also get a new simplified MediaTek chipset which is again being developed. With all these newly developed operating system and chipset, the smartwatch is to provide its users with battery life of up to ten days with just a single charge. So ultimately, this VivoWatch is to not run on the Android Wear.

On considering the now hyped Apple Watch that is to last only a day on a single charge, Asus’s offering a massive 10 days batter life is to-sure impress those who would want to have a device that needs no frequent charging and also those who would plan on having the watch with them while going on camping trips.

The video revealed of the timepiece shows its sensors monitoring heart rate and so, on the back. The small demonstration showed how the watch is to give the pulse reading. It is also reported that the VivoWatch is to be available soon, priced about $158 USD from the online Asus Store.

There is no need for the Android Wear fans to sulk as Asus is still under plans to get a sequel produced for its ZenWatch powered by Android Wear. Also there are chances for the new watch to have two varieties, one running the unknown OS and the other getting Android Wear. It is believed that the new Asus smartwatch will be released during this year’s Q3.

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