BATBAND™ | Unleash Your Hearing with this Sleek Ear-Free Headphones

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BATBAND™ is a marvellous piece of technology from Studio Banana Things, involving sound that allows you to listen via an innovative bone conduction systemBATBAND™ permits you to enjoy your private soundscape as well as listen to the world that surrounds you. This is an awesome human-centered design that has been designed so far.

 With the BATBAND™

  • Take calls on the go
  • Hold Skype conversations
  • Vocal GPS indications
  • Discreetly listen to music while in transit
  • Handsfree Enhance your videogaming experience
  • Music whilst you are working out
  • Combine with AR & VR devices

This is the BATBAND™

BATBAND™ Working mechanism

BATBAND™ works through the bone conduction system. This method consists of transducers that emit sound waves that can be perceived through the private inner ear. This mechanism frees the social outer ear. The sound waves are transmitted at a frequency that the bones of the skull conduct. Your ears remain free. This provides the option for you to hear twice as much with no compromise to the comfort or quality.

There are 3 transducers that are incorporated in the BATBAND™. Two of these transducers touch the sides of the temporal bone near the head and one transducer at the occipital bone that is at the back of the head. What is more incredible is that the vocal content that you hear cannot be heard by the outsiders.

How to use the BATBAND™?



Place the BATBAND™ around the back of your head. Pair the BATBAND™ to a mobile device through the Bluetooth. The features can be controlled through the touch sensors. You can now also make and take calls while listening to your favourite tunes. This can be used while you are at work, or in transit, while gaming, working out or with friends all this while keeping the ears free.

Made from spring steel with a good grip at the outer frame that fits the back of your head. The BATBAND™ can be recharged easily through USB port and requires no update.

BATBAND™ Sensor functions

Through a series of gestures at your finger tips you can control the two integrated touch sensors. You can

  • Take/End Call
  • Increase / Decrease Volume
  • Change from Previous/Next song

What makes BATBAND™ unique?

The high fidelity sound conduction that its incorporated microphone and the sleek and intelligent design combined with the qualitative finish makes the BATBAND™ different from the other bone conduction headphones.

BATBAND™ Features

  • Sleek design that allows you to wear BATBAND™ all day and in multiple situations
  • Touch sensors with intuitive gestures simplify control of its features
  • Incorporated microphone allows you to take and make calls
  • Soft padding provides comfort for long periods of use
  • Bone conduction frees your outer ear so you can listen simultaneously to your music and your surroundings
  • Three strategically located sound transducers ensure the highest possible fidelity bone-conduction experience

BATBAND™ Technical Specifications



·         Bluetooth min version 2.1

·         Bluetooth profiles HFP, HSP, A2DP,AVRCP

·         Amplifier


·         Rechargable lithium-ion

·         6 hours playback / 8 hours conversation

·         2 x300mah batteries


·         1 x temporary button

·         1 x capacitive swipe panel

·         1 x pressure sensor


·         1x micro USB


·         1xmicrophone, unidirectional


·         Frequency 300-19000 Hz


·         Cold-formed spring steel

·         Black oxide finish


·         Molded PUfoam


·         Injection molded ABS

BATBAND™ Availability 

The BATBAND™ is in the prototype stage and will be available only in select countries with a pre-order margin of $149. It will most likely be available to customers by April 2016.

Pre-order the BATBAND™ on Studio Banana Things

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