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Posted on Aug 28 2016 - 7:42pm by Juwairia

Nobody will understand sleep problems until they have themselves experienced it. BedJet is a tech that will provide you a luxurious sleep. It makes your bed cosy at the right temperature, just for you.


BedJet controls the temperature of airflow inside the mattress to give required temperature to the user. BedJet includes a climate controller and airflow hose along with remote controller. Additional accessories like vertical fitting stand, air comforter sheet can be bought separately. Air comforter sheet is specially made 100% cotton material sheet with two hollow cavities for airflow nozzle. Air comforter evenly distributes the air inside the sheet.

BedJet - Temperature Control

BedJet – Temperature Control

The BedJet eliminates body moisture from the bed. You can get a toasty hot bed in just 180 seconds. This technology is the instant relief for sleepless nights caused due to night sweats, hot sleepers, cold feet and hot flashes. The dedicated app functions at a remote control to make the bed delightful. BedJet helps in getting a deep and healthy dose of sleep for your partner too. You can set your bed dry and the other half cold in the same mattress. Your partner can customize their share easily.

Key Features

  • Less power consumption compared to Thermostat
  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Place and Use
  • Can be accessed from Smartphone
BedJet App

BedJet App

How it Works

Connect the airflow nozzle to the bottom layer of the sheet with the help of provided stand. Connect the other end of nozzle to the BedJet climate controller which can be placed under the bed or attached to the bed vertically using the vertical fitting stand. Once the BedJet is started it supplies air with expected temperature which can be controlled using the remote controller or in smartphone with dedicated app. For two different persons it is suggested to buy dual zone climate controller which comes with two separate climate controller unit that can be attached to two sides of the bed. The beauty in this dual zone is the climate of each side of the bed will be maintained according to the user preference.

BedJet - Mattress Climate Control

BedJet – Mattress Climate Control


As mentioned above sleep is a very important factor for long life. So it is necessary to arrange peaceful sleeping. The single zone can be bought for the price of $499 at their official website. BedJet double zone can be bought for the price of $ 1,149 which contains two climate controller and air comforter sheet. If not satisfied BedJet can be returned within 40 days with 100% cash back offer.

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