Bluetooth Version 5 is Coming Soon

Posted on Jun 11 2016 - 12:29pm by Juwairia

Bluetooth is the most commonly used wireless connectivity currently, worldwide. It’s version 4 is the most advanced till date. This 4th version is configured in many devices for its speed in transferring data and effective connectivity utility.

Bluetooth 5 is coming soon

Mark Powell, the executive director of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), has announced that the latest version 5 will be officially announced next week. According to Mark Powell, the version 5 will have effective upgrade over the current version and will have doubled in range (a 200 m increase to the current range), compared to version 4.

In terms of battery life, the upcoming version will have less power consumption compared to the current version 4. The SIG confirms that the new version will be more compatible with Wireless Connectivity Services like Beacon Service which will help users to navigate inside and outside the building. Speed in the upcoming version 5 will also be increased by four times compared to the current version.

Bluetooth 5 will also include location services

The Bluetooth SIG has confirmed that the roadway for the version 5 had been built a year ago, but the company had kept the lid close on the matter. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Intel are it’s primary users.

The Group has also explained that they have chosen this name to make it simple to understand and remember. It’s their marketing strategy, they say. Considering the current generation in which houses are built with smart technology which requires some type of connection with Internet or Bluetooth, these new updates are expected to put Bluetooth as the easier option among the two.

The upcoming Bluetooth is four times faster

The new version 5 will also have ‘significantly more capacity’ for advertising, according to the group. With this new functionality, ads in the form of vCards, text, images, video and audio can be sent to smartphones without pairing. Users will be able to opt out of it too, we hope.

The exact nitty-gritty details are to be revealed in the official release of the Bluetooth 5 on 16th June, in London.


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