BMW Electric i Models get Home Solar Charging System

Posted on Jan 9 2015 - 8:23pm by TechliveTech
Home Solar Charging System for BMW Electric i Models

Home Solar Charging System for BMW Electric i Models

At the CES 2015, BMW i has showcased its Home Solar Charging System. As the name goes it is a home -based system for all Electric i Models of BMW (i3 and the i8) and as said by the company it is to be available commercially from 2016 onwards.

So all BMW i models owners will now be able to charge their cars with solar power through an official system. This system called the BMW i Home Charging Services features a big solar panel, charger and supporting structure.

This system last year was already presented in concept as the Design Works USA solar carport concept. And on German automaker’s Wallbox pro system, this is a fully automated system allowing grid-based and solar charging. BMW in 2014 spring released its BMW i Wallbox Pro system but now it is to independently get its own electricity of the local grid.

BMW i Model cars get changed via the Home Charging System with solar power and if that is not available they use the power grid to get what the company reckons ‘cheapest off-peak rates’.

Looking at the entire set up of the system it is designed more like a covered parking slot with roof area of 25-sq-meters. Using solar energy the system can generate power for electric driving of up to 32,000km.

In the future this system is to be joined with stationary energy home storage system built using repurposed BMW I batteries. It is with this system the power generated via solar energy is allowed to store.

The BMW i programme seems to be head of a variety of such models making car driving a fun filled experience in a more environment friendly way. As per its project manager, Julian Lienich – the Home Charging Services of BMW makes it the first vehicle manufacturer to get a broad-based EV smart charging product on board making mobility cheap for users as possible with green power usage and that too with no need of doing everything themselves.

India already has such technology; Mahindra Reva has developed a technology that works in the same manner.

BMW has not revealed anything with regards to its cost for only that to be available from 2016. If noticed, the BMW i Wallbox Pro is priced around $500 with no installation so a guess work can be done on this system as well.

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