BMW Mini Augmented Vision Eyewear for Drivers – A Report

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BMW Mini Augmented Smart Eyewear for Drivers

BMW Mini Augmented Smart Eyewear for Drivers

Already many are in love with the BMW Mini and to add on with its attractiveness, the German carmaker has introduced a new Mini augmented eye-wearable device to enrich the driving experience of the car. The wearable looks to work a bit like the Google Glass or the ODG’s smartglasses and is designed by the company to improve safety as well as offer its drivers with much other useful information.

Though there seems to be lot of debate happening over the use of wearables while driving, this smart glass called the Mini Augmented Vision by BMW is to project relevant drive information in front of the driver’s field of vision in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view from the road. At the Shanghai Auto Show held earlier this month, BMW showcased its glasses working prototype.

BMW Mini with Augmented Smart Eyewear technology

BMW Mini with Augmented Smart Eyewear technology

The BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear design-wise is not something like a pair of ultramodern goggles. To be honest, it looks more like the ones used in 90’s with no hint of it having modern technology packed in. But, the device is still a prototype and the final design might take up a change anytime – BMW may have its own plans.

The glasses from BMW being a little different from Microsoft’s HoloLens (the upcoming augmented reality device) do have the ability to perform some of the same functions that are expected from a conventional heads-up display in vehicles.

What the BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear show?

Well, to talk about the information getting displayed by this BMW Mini eyeswear, below is the list

  • It displays directions meant for the destination.
  • Speed of the vehicle which is also compared to the current local speed limit.
  • Displays the time left to reach the destination.
  • The glasses are also capable of highlighting points of interest along the ride, like they indicate on great places to shop and for dinner.
  • The glasses also inform the driver of text messages received. When an audio functionality is built-in, reading the messages also happen helping the driver not to get distracted while driving.
BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear shows  the Speed of the vehicle along with the local speed limit

BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear shows the Speed of the vehicle along with the local speed limit

All the above happens with the eyewear due to the featuring of a built-in camera along with a see-through display technology on its lenses. Its functions are all aimed at providing navigation and safe driving.

Now BMW on claiming of its eyewear reveals that it is for both inside and outside use of the vehicle. The contents that get displayed can only be viewed by the driver. Meaning, the contents and navigation details are displayed straight to the driver’s field of view purging away the need to look over smartphones or other devices required for knowing navigation.

Directions are delivered via arrows appearing on the road along with details like current driving speed, the local speed limit and places of interest nearby. This information gets displayed always above the steering wheel so it doesn’t disturb the driver to take off his view from the driving road.

The camera while driving records the view and information get displayed without overlaying the surroundings. Destination can be selected by drivers before getting into the car through the glasses which also lets the driver know of the time and mileage to reach the destination.

BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear highlights points of interest

BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear highlights points of interest

Parking Cars become more easy with BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear:

BMW claims its eyewear is for both inside and outside use of the vehicle

BMW claims its eyewear is for both inside and outside use of the vehicle

When it comes to parking of cars, things seem to get really interesting with the eyewear. A technology was already revealed by BMW that allows its drivers to park their cars with their smartwatches. The driver after shutting the door can simply activate the parking assistant from his\her wrist that lets the car park by itself.

Now with the Mini augmented vision eyewear, drivers can park their cars more easily which helps them in searching for the available spaces and also highlighting them. The Augmented Parking feature helps the driver to certainly determine the distance between the car and the curb by displaying images from the side mirror.

An “X-Ray View” is what is to be offered by this augmented device through the car. The X-Ray View offers the driver to virtually see other objects outside the vehicle that might have otherwise been concealed by parts of the car. The company is not revealing anything with regards to how this could happen but all could be expected with time.

Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc Vice President Jay Wright commenting on this Mini Augmented Vision states that this offers a convincing example of what’s possible today and what could be expected in future.

So this BMW Mini augmented vision eyewear being just a prototype can offer a lot more functionality when it is being released eventually to the public. Also it just being a prototype, there is nothing known about its pricing or release and cannot be expected anytime soon.

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