Bridging the Apple-Android cleft – APUS launcher for Android

Posted on Nov 5 2014 - 6:18pm by Sukanya
Can launchers mean the best of both worlds?

Can launchers mean the best of both worlds?

iPhone seems to have made it as the most preferred, dream device in the minds of smartphone users, regardless of whether or not they can afford one for themselves. Android fanatics have filled up the internet with memes depicting the Android robot making a snack out of the Apple logo. Yet, scores of people have taken Apple’s side which is evident from the skyrocketing figures in the 2007-14 global sales graph flaunted by the Cupertino giant. 

However, an iPhone isn’t something everyone can afford to get. Also, there are millions of die-hard Android freaks who wouldn’t want to forsake and betray it for Apple. But even if that is the case, who isn’t curious to try out the glorified iOS versions exclusive to the blue-blood iPhones? This is where launchers come in. 

And the APUS Launcher looks refreshingly new with its light-as-a-feather design. Claiming to take up a little more than 1MB on your device, the APUS Launcher can transform your Android phone into something more similar to an iPhone, pretty seamlessly.

The tool has already garnered a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store and seems to have been downloaded by 30 million people from around the world – a remarkable track record for a mobile app in its entry stage.

The company purports a memory saving capacity of 80% when the launcher is active on an Android phone. It can also clean up space as and when users tap on the APUS Boost icon which is similar to tools like the Clean Master Android app.

Another interesting feature it the APUS Search which aggregates the capabilities of Bing, Google, Baidu and Yahoo Search Engines to give users a deeper search functionality

Penny Pan, Marketing Director says the idea is “to make Android as cool as IOS”, referring to the usage lucidity that iOS offers. Pan also clarifies that the company does not have plans for iOS 8.

Named after the famed Swift bird of Apus genus whose silhouette is used as a clever symbolism in its logo, the APUS Launcher presents some value propositions that can interest users with mediocre and low-end devices: a better battery life, an augmented app discovery and a more efficient search utility

The launcher currently hosts notifications from Facebook and Whatsapp and is expected to soon integrate other popular apps into its interface to offer out-of-app notifications.

APUS Android Launcher Highlights

  • Small and lightweight, essentially simple interface
  • Promises optimum mobile speed acceleration
  • Battery longevity extension
  • Advantage of dedicated APUS Market with apps and tools specially sourced from the Google Play Store for you based on your previous installations
  • One Touch for battery and speed boasting and quick access to apps – Lines up popular apps on your homescreen 
  • An APUS Radar that scans your surroundings to generate a list of the apps currently in use by others in the vicinity 
  • Smart Folders that archive your apps and tools categorically into folders named Communication, Books, Entertainment and Tools, even putting away your less frequently used apps in to a ‘Rarely Used’ folder.
  • Automatic filing of your apps just as and when they are downloaded into relevant categories. 
  • Powerful Search Engine combining the efficiency of Google, Yahoo, Baidu and Bing Search Engines
  • A notification toolbar just like the one on your original Android OS and a Quick Settings Menu that will host your basic device settings options like Bluetooth and Sound
  • Free Wallpapers for customization
  • Lets you add widgets to the homescreen






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