Carry the BioLite BaseLantern Like a Sandwich and Illuminate the World Around

Posted on May 10 2016 - 12:54pm by Pavithra Manisha

Whether you are camping, picnicking, hunting or doing any out bound activity in the dark, you definitely need to equip yourself with the lighting you need. Forget the large emergency lamps and lanterns that you have to carry around during your trips. Say hello, to the BioLite BaseLantern – The ultimate smart portable lighting solution to illuminate your world.

BioLite BaseLantern

BioLite BaseLantern

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The BioLite Base Lantern is no bigger than a sandwich but can throw 500 lumens of light. The world’s first flatpack lantern uses Bluetooth connectivity to provide lighting and doubles up as a smartgrid. With this you can light large group settings, charge phones and other devices and also offers real-time analytics.

BaseLantern Applications

BaseLantern Applications


This is how the BioLite Base Lantern Works

The BioLite Base Lantern uses edge-lighting instead of traditional diffusing lenses and have slimmed down the light source to fit into your bag.

BioLite BaseLantern features

  • It features a large 7800 mAh li-on rechargeable battery and is also equipped with two USB charging ports
  • Comes with a custom Low Energy Bluetooth app that connects to the smart lantern and lets you use your mobile phone as a remote control 
  • There are two custom ports to power the BioLite SiteLights for extended lighting
  • Suitable for situations like camping, backyards, festivals, picnics, beaches, hunting, boating, cabins, power outages and treehouses
BioLite SiteLights

BioLite SiteLights

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BaseLantern –For a Cause

In an attempt to provide safe, affordable energy access to people living in energy poverty, BioLite has distributed HomeStoves to ease work. In the same way lighting can transform a child’s life in many ways. So when you choose to support BaseLantern you are reaching out to all those who need it the most.

About BioLite

BioLite is a social enterprise that develops advanced personal scale energy solutions for off-grid communities around the world. The company serves two distinct markets: 1) Developing world families living in energy poverty, and 2) Outdoor enthusiasts seeking to cook, charge, and light their lives away from an outlet. They address these markets simultaneously through Parallel Innovation: by incubating core technologies that can serve users in both markets, BioLite is able to re-invest near-term…

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