Checkout the DP & Status of People Not in Contact List on WhatsApp Messenger

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WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular mobile messaging application that every one uses to communicate with other people these days. There probably will be only a few people without a WhatsApp account on their mobile device. WhatsApp Messenger has proved to be the emerging medium for communication as it has a lot of features that includes free WhatsApp calls and the ability to send and receive photos and videos . WhatsApp Messenger works only with an internet connection and also you can communicate with other people who have WhatsApp and internet connection.

Simple, Personal Real Time messaging

Simple, Personal Real Time messaging

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Now you can access WhatsApp from your PC as well. A lot of functionality has been added to WhatsApp to make it even more likeable. With these functionalities came a concern for security that also scrutinised the privacy of the users of WhatsApp. It came up with features to hide DP, last seen and status.

Privacy in WhatsApp Messenger

 There are three privacy options in WhatsApp. You can set it for Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody to view your profile picture and status. The privacy can be changed even for the last seen option. The best part is you can also block unnecessary people from contacting you on WhatsApp and viewing your display picture and last seen. Based on your choice you can choose to hide your status, last seen and picture.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings

WhatsApp Privacy Settings

The Double Tick

WhatsApp has a great featre that lets you check if the recipient has read your message.  Sometimes they may not reply back even after reading the message. With the help of these blue ticks you can be sure that they have opened the message. This new feature from Whatsapp if you have noticed, is a double tick that is in blue colour.

Blue Tick implies the message has been read in WhatsApp Messenger

Blue Tick implies the message has been read

This feature lets you know if your message has been seen and when it has been seen. You just have to click on the double arrow and you will get the details about the message like when the message was delivered and when it was read.

Click to see the details on WhatsApp Messenger

Click to see the details

You may also not want to know if the message has been read or not. For this,

Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Uncheck the Read Receipts.

Message Details

Message Details

You might have wondered why you cannot see some peoples’ profile picture, status and last seen. You also might have eagerly waited to see someone’s last seen, probably your boy or girlfriend’s. Are you still wondering if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp?

Guess what? Whatsapp has its own policy. It is used throughout the world and there are a lot of queries that lie with Whatsapp. Some things like how can a person see the profile photo, or details regarding if someone has read your message and if you have been blocked.  With a lot of people using WhatsApp these days, there are a lot of things that are unanswered. The wait is going to be over now. Take a look a the solution that has been provided.

Check out the status and last seen if someone is not in your contact list

Last seen on Whatsapp is based on a policy. Only if you allow anyone to check out your last seen then can you check out others last seen. That’s not all. It also is based on the privacy settings made by others. If the person is not on your contact list or has opted for Everyone then you have to change your privacy setting for last seen. This way you will be able to see the other person’ s last seen.

How to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

In case you cannot see your friend’s last seen, profile photo or status then you may presume that you have been blocked by that person on WhatsApp Messenger. Actually that may not be the case. There are two other possibilities also.

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 Case 1:You are in your friend’s contacts but your friend has set the privacy settings to Nobody for the last seen, status and DP

Case 2: You are in your friend’s contacts but privacy has been set to My contacts only for DP and Nobody for last seen and status.

Wrap up:

If either of the cases are true then you are not blocked by your friend and you can also still check when that particular person comes online. It all depends on the privacy settings.

Get heard. Do you know any other method to protect your privacy and still check out other’s details? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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