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 “Coding begins with having fun”. That’s what the design engineers of Codeybot deem and have engineered a little accomplishment, that has turned out to be the new coding tutor of this era. A fully customizable robot that teaches coding while it dances, plays some of your favourite tunes and also shoots lasers. Gift children this mini wonder and promote their coding skills.




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From the makers of Makeblock, the Codeybot is an educational robot that teaches programming techniques through an array of interactive features. Take pleasure in coding his LED display, or programming his route, dance or adventure using the Codeybot and mBlocky programming language.

Besides inspiring, it is proving to be fun learning to code, through the fancy LED drawing panels he entertains users with cool features and can also be connected through WiFi music speakers. Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer…because it teaches you how to think”. On that note, mBlocky is based on the Google language that is used for visual programming editors.

Codeybot for kids

Codeybot is perfect for kids

The Codeybot packs a whole lot of features. Don’t underestimate the performance based on the size. With a cute customised look, it can self balance itself on wheels, tease you with funny voices, dance to tunes, play some music and also shoot lasers. The robot can be controlled vocally, there is also a tilt remote like control and also mBlocky App customisation.

Get your kids hooked to the Codeybot right away and show them the path to coding. It is easy to set up. Power up -> Connect Codeybot -> Launch Codeybot App/ Launch mBlocky App and get started.

At some point in your life, you will realise the importance of coding and also its necessity. This robot poses to be an expressive outlet for creativity with fun learning methodology in the programming world. The main idea is to make programming exciting that in turn will let learning to code be interesting. Children, being the future should be raised to suit the needs of the coming generations. The Codeybot in this perspective seems to be doing just that by equipping the young minds with a little tool kit that will surely be handy.

The Codeybot App is available for iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 7.1 or higher. The Android version of the app is being developed and can be expected to arrive soon. It is most likely to be available by August 2016.

Codeybot Design

Codeybot design

Codeybot design

Codeybot Tech Specs

Dimensions :

163 x 127.7 x79mm

Weight :

540 g

List of voice commands :

Forward, Backward, Turn Around, Smile, Angry, Upset, Change Color

Platform :


Sensors :

Gyro sensor

Sound :

Stereo; 2W  *  2 speakers

Display :

19 * 13 – 247 Blue LEDs

Movement :

Wheel-balancing, Triple Wheel / Two 10500 ± 10% RPM Motors

Wheels :

2 Rubber tires and 1 polyamide ball

Wheel lights :

RGB 256 colours

Language :


Connection :

WiFi 2.4G; No Bluetooth

Memory Storage :

RAM 64 M, ROM 1 G

Programming Language :

mBlocky based on Google Blocky

Power :

Rechargeable 5V 1A, 2000mAh battery/ 2-3 Hour battery life

System :

Linux OS/ MT7688 Processor

System & device requirements :

iOS 7 and above

iPhone 4 or later – iPad 2 or later

iPad mini (all models)-iPod 4th Gen or later

Accessories included :

Docking Station / User Guide / USB Cable

Optional Kits:

LED Laser Add-on


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“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains” – Bill Gates

Avail one of these by backing the campaign.

Get heard. Can Codybot take up this task and tune brains to code? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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