Customize Your Android with its Hidden Menu: The System Tuner UI

Posted on Aug 29 2016 - 8:09pm by Juwairia

Android is all about customization. You can keep your phone zen, simple and useful. The same phone can also be vibrant and active. Every one of our phones has a hidden menu that takes customization to the next level. (The hidden menu will only work on Stock Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat for now.)

Android Hidden Menu - Activation

Android Hidden Menu – Activation

The Hidden Menu: System Tuner UI

The hidden menu is called The System Tuner UI. You can change your Status Bar, remove Icons, edit the Quick Settings Menu and add Battery Percentage to your smartphone through this secret code. To access your Hidden Menu, swipe down on your Quick Settings Menu from the top. Hold the ‘Gear Icon’ for settings. If your phone is supported, the gear will start spinning. You’ll get a message saying, ‘Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings.’ The new option can be found sitting above the ‘About Phone’ Menu in the Settings page. You can also access this Hidden Menu from the Wrench Icon in the Quick Settings page. The Wrench will be found near the Gear symbol.

Android Hidden Menu - Notification

Android Hidden Menu - Warning

Android Hidden Menu

Android Hidden Menu

Hide Your Status Bar Icons

Our Status Bars mostly over flow with icons. There’s the Battery, Wi-Fi, Alarm, Memory Card, Bluetooth and other apps. The System Tuner UI lets you toggle the icons which you want to keep. You can turn off the unnecessary icons off forever now!

Battery Percentage

Some androids just have a Battery Icon that fills and falls. It is pretty vague. You need another app to monitor the juice levels. The System Tuner UI has an option to turn on the percentage for the battery. The exact percentage of battery will be shown in your status bar now.

Android Hidden Menu - Activated!

Android Hidden Menu – Activated!

Dark Theme

The Dark Theme looks pretty cool. It keeps showing up now and then, but has remained elusive till now. The Hidden Menu will give you access to the original Dark Theme following the release of Android N. With the night mode, the colours of the display will get inverted. This Night Mode gives a better readability at night. Also, your android will revert back to the normal mode in the morning. This theme also changes the colour temperature according to the time of the day.

Demo Mode

If you have pestering uncles who bug you to check out your phone’s features at every occasion, the Demo Mode is a great handy tool. You can also show off your phone’s features using this. When you turn on the Demo Mode, the Battery Icon will show 100%, Network Signal Strength will be full, Wi-Fi Strength will be full and the clock will be set at 6’o clock, because its Android 6. You can turn off the Demo Mode anytime to revert back to the poor signal and cluttered half battery icons with the real time.

Android Hidden Menu - Status Bar IconsAndroid Hidden Menu - Status Bar Icons

Android Hidden Menu – Status Bar Icons

Edit Quick Settings

The Quick Settings menu can be further customized using this Hidden Menu. You can add titles you want to the Quick Settings menu for easy access. Smart shortcuts can save you lots of time and energy.

Does this secret menu work on your smartphone? If yes, what model do you own?

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