DAQRI Smart Helmet – A Gadget for Work

Posted on Jul 9 2016 - 4:02pm by Juwairia

Almost every department has its own smart gadget to make the work of everyone better. DAQRI, an LA based company, has released a smart hardhat to assist with workers. The DAQRI Smart Helmet shows the real world with a layer of augmented reality. It is also the only notable wearable gadget in the industrial section.

DAQRI Smart Helmet

DAQRI Smart Helmet

DAQRI Smart Helmet

DAQRI smart helmet looks like all the other helmets. It has a blue scratch resistant visor. The helmet has been designed specifically for industrial workers who have to deal with oil rigs, water treatment plants and most importantly, construction sites.

The head of the helmet consists of a number of cameras and sensors. They capture and record information in the user surroundings. The helmet records valve readings and thermal data in real time. The visor also displays safety instructions and worker guidelines for the wearer for their safety.

Building modelling software has been integrated too. It provides the wearer the inside information of the building such as structural elements and interior pipes.

DAQRI Smart Helmet provides real time guidance

DAQRI Smart Helmet provides real time guidance

Special Features

  • DAQRI helmet has sixth generation Intel core m7 processor.
  • The integrated computer vision captures 360-degree view.
  • Seamless navigation technology.
  • DAQRI’s helmet is equipped with Intellitrack – a computing program that captures analyses and displays information about the surroundings.
  • DAQRI 4D studio is used in the helmet.

DAQRI Helmet the history

According to DAQRI, the smart helmet has been mainly invented as a tool to help the wearer interact with their environment and work effectively as well as safely. Brian Mullins, DAQRI’s founder and CEO says, “We’ve been working in the medium of augmented reality for the past four years, and what we found was, you just can’t solve the most challenging problems with devices that were designed for consumers. We needed something that was designed specifically for industrial applications.”

“Users are provided with unprecedented levels of information about the world around them for the most precise display and tracking possible. The most powerful augmented reality device on the market will change the nature of work.”

Chris Broaddus, the vice president of DAQRI, mentions that though the idea has been in academia and research labs for a very long time, none have implemented it till now.

DAQRI Smart Helmet providing instructions

DAQRI Smart Helmet providing instructions


The DAQRI helmet can be very useful to explain complex building and machinery concepts to the workforce in an easier way. It also has thermal vision which can show the wearer the hot parts of machinery. It also can be used to identify high or low temperature problems in production factories. The centralized head can easily gather data on the project from a place with minimal need for movement. On site workers can connect instantly to experts for help through the helmet for precise instructions.

Many smart gadgets today target consumers and common people. The DAQRI helmet stands out from them as being a useful gadget for work.

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