Digitsole – Smart insoles that warm up your feet via Smartphones

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Digitsole - Smart insoles

Digitsole – Smart insoles

Smart is what is required in everything. With more number of smart things getting developed day by day here comes the smart device – Digitsole, a perfect solution for winter season’s cold feet problem.

Everyone in one way or the other would have definitely experienced the suffering of cold feet that occurs during the winter season. How good it would be to control the temperature of our feet with just a click on our Smartphone and also help us in tracking the distance walked and calories burned? Feels really good isn’t it?

Yes, Digitsole smart insoles now on Kickstarter can really heat up our feet in a more elegant fashion using our own Smartphone. The company based in France which gets the Digitsole ready for us claims it to be the market’s first connected insole that can function via smartphones.  New generation of connected products have this smart insole ahead.

Digitsole explained in brief

Though we have battery-powered socks already existing in the market for the same purpose (warming our feet), wearing them is something that not everyone would be comfortable of. Battery-powered socks need a battery pack that runs power cables which linger around the legs of the wearer and this might not be a good idea. Whereas Digitsole like any other shoe-sole fits inside one’s shoes. This mainly designed considering the health and comfort of the wearer connects to the wearer’s Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. Digitsole once worn allows the users to adjust the temperature with the connected iOS and Android Smartphones with just one easy click. The temperature can go up to 40 degrees Celsius for safety.

Digitsole connects to the wearer’s Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0

Digitsole connects to the wearer’s Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0

Once connected, activating the warm up function can be done with the on/off button seen on the Digitsole as well as the app screen. Further to get perfect warmth setting on each foot, the temperature on each insole can be adjusted separately by sliding the temperature bar up or down. A built-in thermostat adjusts in maintaining the temperature of the insole if the temperature drops below the chosen setting.

Also calories burned by the wearer during the day’s activity can be tracked by entering the user’s height and weight onto the dedicated app when logging into it first. The makers of the insole boost of their sensor system placed in the insole as it makes tracking more efficient and precise than the other tracker wristbands and devices found in the market.

To precise the functions of Digitsole, it can be used for Warming up the user’s feet, Tracking the steps taken by the user per day and finally informing the user of the Calories burned.

Digitsole’s Look:

Digitsole – on the outside looks like any other Shoe insole. On close inspect at the back shows an on/off switch and a USB connector. The insoles are made up of heating elements and batteries.

Digitsole’s Look

Digitsole’s Look

Digitsole is made of:

Digitsole engineers have specially developed an extremely lightweight material that is excellent for controlling vibrations called Neotech with which the Digitsole platform is made.

Poron known for its superior shock absorbing characteristics forms the next layer of the insole. High-quality Soft Touch PU micro-fiber that can spread the heat in an optimal way covers the Poron TX3 layer.

Digitsole is made of

Digitsole is made of

How can Digitsole be used?

The makers claim it to be designed especially for an easy usage.

  • Digitsole’s dedicated app is downloadable.
  • Charging the Digitsole can be done using a USB charging device.
  • The on/off button on the back lets the user to switch on or switch off the insole.
  • The app can be launched on the user’s Smartphone that can be then connected via Bluetooth.
  • Finally setting the temperature as required can be done and also tracking the activities of the user is allowed.
  • Battery level can be monitored using the app at any time and it can last for about eight hours.
    Usage of Digitsole

    Usage of Digitsole

Where can Digitsole be used?

Using many pair of shoes is a must nowadays and to cater to this is how Digitsole is designed. Digitsole being thin can be placed easily and comfortably in most shoe types therefore having one pair of Digitsole would be more than enough.

Digitsole placed easily and comfortably  in most shoe types

Digitsole placed easily and comfortably in most shoe types

Digitsole’s Key features:

Shock Heel System: The insoles ‘shock heel system’ helps with the user’s foot health and general posture. For this is the Poron cushion placed at the back of the insole that spread vibrations of the foot and softens the shock.

Flex Zone Section: Tosupportthe natural movement of feet, at the front of the insole is the Flexible section.

Arch Support Section: To help withposture and balance, the arch gets additional support.

Features of Digitsole

Features of Digitsole

Availability Digitsole:

Launched on Kickstarter website with a target of 40,000 dollars the company claims to have received over 31,000 dollars already. Digitsole’s standard oath price is setup as $149 however it is sold on Kickstarter for $99 and expected to be shipped in December 2014.


So far to put off with cold feet problem wearing thicker shoes and bulkier socks were the only solution. Now with Digitsole a higher-tech and sleeker alternative can be found in the market. Also the interesting fact about this insole is its way to be controlled using a Smartphone.

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