Expected Launches at the IFA 2015 Berlin from Tech Giants

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Most of the flagship electronics products were gets debuted at certain International Events, which are exclusively conducted to get global attractions at a real time. The IFA or the International Funkausstellung Berlin (which is an International Radio Exhibition Berlin or Berlin Radio Show) event is certainly one among the oldest industrial show in Germany. The IFA gets opened in 1924 and the latest of 2015 is just around a couple of days from now. There is a lot to expect from the tech giant participants at the mega event – IFA 2015. Remember, the IFA 2015 is scheduled to hold on September 4 – 9, 2015, whilst the press conference set to begin today. Let us see the detailed information on to what to expect from the manufacturers at the exhibition in the following lines.

Expected Launches at the IFA 2015 Berlin from Tech Giants

List of Products to be Expected at IFA 2015

Samsung at IFA 2015:

As the unpacked event launched by Samsung for their brand new Galaxy Note 5 & Galaxy Edge+ device, there are certain big announcement to be expected at the IFA 2015 from Samsung. Yes, Samsung is expected to come with their 2nd generation Galaxy Gear S2 wearable. Interestingly, this time, Samsung doesn’t seek any help from the Google Android & hence, made the Gear S2 Smartwatch to run along with indigenous Tizen OS technically (first of its kind as well). This is the right term to explore the new opportunities with the new operating system, which is perfectly optimized with minimal Bloatware!

Expected Launches at the IFA 2015 Berlin from Tech Giants

Get set for Gear S2 from Samsung at IFA 2015

Motorola at IFA 2015:

There is nothing to expect better than the successor of the Moto 360 Smartwatch from the Motorola at the IFA 2015. Actually the original version of the same was launched a year ago at this mega event. The following image of the 2nd generation Moto 360 was already leaked and turns to be viral ahead of the event. In fact, some of the report states that, the Lenovo Asia Pacific Vice President was wearing the upcoming Moto 360 at the event in Indonesia (mostly for the promotion, hope so).

Expected Launches at the IFA 2015 Berlin from Tech Giants

Second Generation Moto 360 Smartwatch from Motorola

What to Expect from Sony at IFA 2015?

Sony is certainly in a great confusion in naming its flagship device Z3+ or Z4 and that could be finalized at this mega event, IFA 2015. Lastly, Sony announced that, its next flagship device is “Sony Xperia Z5”, while we could also expect some compact & premium versions of the same device. According to the specification sheet, the mobile will be featured with 23MP Primary camera along with the 4K video resolution indeed. The camera is said to provide 5X digital zoom and an incredible 0.03 sec autofocus imaging!


Huawei is rumored to be working on its new Smartphone exclusively for the IFA 2015 event, stated by the Force Touch Technology. In fact, some of this kind of move made them to launch the Ascend P7 Sapphire Smartphone with the incredible Sapphire Crystal display technically. We might also expect some Android wearable from the maker, as they were making them for a long period of time!

Asus at IFA 2015:

Even in the event of Computex, the Asus deliberately announced that, they are coming with the ZenWatch 2 and to be unveiled at the IFA 2015, Berlin. Interestingly, the official releasing date & price and the availability of the ZenWatch 2 could be finalized. The Asus is promising ‘dramatically improved’ recharging times, new magnetic connector and some extra watch faces along with a standard Android Wear interface for the exclusivity.

LG at IFA 2015:

Apart from the Smartphones & Wearables, LG is coming up with its television device. The prefix of the TV to be displayed at the IFA event would be anything with the name of OLED or HDR or the combination of both. According to certain rumors, you could also expect LG to launch its G4 Pro Smartphone technically. Some of other tech equipments to be expected with the maker are Bluetooth Smart Keyboard or a mobile battery indeed.

Lenovo at IFA 2015:

Lenovo is one among the top competitor who is exclusively preparing for the IFA 2015 and they are really fed-up with heavy works ahead! Meanwhile, to give the better highlights to be expected from the maker, they are refreshing the next & first lineups towards the Windows 10 Smartphone indeed. Some Yoga series tablet could also get any update additionally.

Acer at IFA 2015:

Acer is likely to exhibit its updates towards its existing Smartphone & Tablet stuff. Some rumors claimed that, Acer is also probable to launch any Windows 10 based Smartphone.

Google at IFA 2015:

Expected Launches at the IFA 2015 Berlin from Tech Giants

Expect Something New with Google Android Wear

What? The Google? Yes, you read it right! Google is also likely to display its next generation Android Wear at the IFA 2015.

Let us wait & watch the reality as the IFA event progress successfully. Until then, stay tuned for the real time updates!

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