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Smartphones have helped people lead a modern and peaceful life. Everything can be done with a simple touch. You can make huge transactions using smart phones. But of late, these phones are undergoing some grave problems and we can very well blame the tech press for this outcome. These days, with advent of newer technology, you talk about things like octa-core processors, 13-megapixel cameras, and gigabytes of RAM. But the main problem arises when you don’t discuss topics which are of actual concern. How it feels to use smart phone with available features each day. All these factors are indeed essential.

Recently, people saw the launch of iPhone 6 in our country. At the recent event conducted by Apple, it hosted a Q&A, the very first question which pops up in the minds of the people is that how are going to market their product which has only 1 GB RAM and is a dual core processor phone. These are vital specification which determines the speed of the phone. However, there are some people who are not much concerned about said features. Apple has never been much concerned about specifications. While other brands are concerned about price to spec ratio and experience of using it, Apple focuses on its quality and some peculiar features.

Moto G

Moto G

People who are first-time buyers of phones or who are focusing on buying simple phones, stress more on the specifications. Here, people are not much aware or concerned about the stability and user experience, they worry only about the quality of spec sheet looks. It doesn’t mean that we should completely ignore its specifications. You can get cheaper phones these days which will have minimum configuration. You can get phones in the range of Rs. 10,000. People are always excited about new features and tend to go overboard with it.

Excitements are not always interesting as sometimes, it turns into grave and unhealthy obsessions. This can lead to the unpredictability of the latest Mi and other such flagships. People who use such smart phones highly on a regular basis usually focus on the user experience. Taking into consideration the flat response received by most of the smart phone users’, people get to learn a great deal.

These days, many companies like Lenovo, Motorola, Xiaomi, Micromax and others have come up which are in huge demand these days. But it will take time for them to match the levels of HTC, Motorola, Apple and Samsung. Considering the gap, newer companies are paying the customers to become beta testers which will help them to save money on actual testers. They can thus sell products at lowered price, helping them to increase their sales. At such times, certain companies are going the traditional way and taking care of their customers. They are looking at the expenses as well.

Moto G

Moto G

Moto G 3rd gen in much in news these days. They include decent specifications which are similar to those in Lenovo K3 Note and Xiaomi Mi 4i. They have additional specs like they are water resistant and have good software which is quite stable as compared to other phones. When Moto G 3 was used for a week as a trial, it was found that it is quite stable and a reliable option to buy. Here are some of the vital aspects to look upon.

Design and display

Its design is similar to Motorola but is battery is water resistance with extra seal on it. Spending your money on such a phone which take care of its battery well, is a worth investment. You can even enjoy its full HD-display and the octa-core processor. Moto G 3 has the capability of staying the water 3 meters deep for about more than 20 minutes. This is highly required so that you can save your phone from many such mishaps. But this doesn’t mean you swim keeping  the smartphone in your pocket. You will find an excellent screen – to-body ration in this phone and you can even enjoy the 720p display which is a good option, considering its price.

Software, performance, and battery life

Moto G 3 scores well in day to day performance as compared to its rival companies. The company has taken care to ship OS update faster as compared to the Google’s Nexus, which compels you to purchase Moto G 3rd gen even more.

The Moto Display in action

There are no performance issues discovered in Moto g 3rd gen. You can plainly spot the different between a 2GB ram and 16 GB RAM having cost difference of only 1,000. It also supports 4G on several SIM cards and you can, thus, enjoy high-speed connectivity. Good quality speakers and call quality is an added feature.

Moto G

Moto G

Thus you can enjoy the features of Moto G 3rd gen at lower costs. Overall performance is quite good and you can make a good purchase.

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