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Posted on May 9 2016 - 8:31pm by Devesh

How many of you are running Windows 10, preview build or otherwise? Have you used the Edge browser? How is it? Well, if you are using the preview build, then you are in luck.  Recently, the creators of the popular Chrome ad-blocking extensions AdBlock as well as AdBlock Plus have made it available for Microsoft’s Edge browser.  

AdBlock for Microsoft’s Edge browser was previously in the “coming soon” mode.   Running the latest Windows 10 Insider build will let you try AdBlock as well as AdBlock Plus.  This is the benefit of being on the Windows Insider program.  

According to the site WinBeta, users running Windows 10 Insider build 14332 will now be able to install the popular Chrome ad-blocking extension in Windows Edge.   Windows Edge Microsoft’s browser for Windows 10.   Users will be able to install AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.  They are now freely available as downloads from Microsoft’s Windows official app Store.  

Currently, these two add-ons (AdBlock and AdBlock Plus) are getting positive reviews.  The two add-ons are similarly named, but are not related.  They both have receive average ratings, in the range of four stars and higher.   The site WinBeta has also noted that the popular Chrome ad-blocking extensions AdBlock and/or AdBlock Plus haven’t been working for all.  Users who are going to install them may face issues.  

Edge was introduced as the successor to notorious Internet Explorer (IE).  Internet Explorer (IE), in with current times, has lost its relevancy.  Internet Explorer (IE) is now the butt end or laughing stock of various jokes, memes, and/or ridicule.   Edge is seen as a major improvement over Internet Explorer (IE).  Microsoft is having a very hard time winning over Windows 10 users into using Edge from Firefox and/or Google Chrome.   This is evident if you look at data from Net Applications, an analytics firm.  Microsoft’s Edge browser had only a meager 3.9% in the browser share market in February 2016.  If you consider the various Microsoft browsers in use, Microsoft’s Edge browser had 8.8% browser share.  

Are Extensions Worth It?

Chrome and Firefox (and their different forks) have been doing extremely well or better.  This is due to their support for 3rd party (official and unofficial) extension.  This is the main feature for both browsers (and their different forks).  If you ask many people who use any of these browsers, you will definitely get an exhaustive list of extensions that they swear by for getting their work done.  

Previously in March 2016, Microsoft had released some extensions for their Edge browser.  This was available to testers only.  This led to AdBlock being released.  Some other extensions were also released for the Edge browser.  Some of them were Mouse Gestures, Microsoft Translator, and a Reddit extension.  User could manually install the.  Google Chrome also supported these extensions.  In another good move, Microsoft allowed Chrome extensions developers to move their extensions to Edge.  The latest development is this is that developers are now allowed to create their own extensions types.  

This gives hope for Firefox and Chrome as companies too.  Firefox and Chrome might have some extensions up their sleeve for Microsoft’s Edge browser.  Both these companies will be now looking to make these extensions available for users of Microsoft’s Edge browser.  Both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus have been made by two very different companies.  Both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are the most successful of all ad-blocking extensions.  AdBlock is roughly used by 40 million people worldwide on Chrome.  Apparently, Windows 10 user are going to be able to enjoy these extensions.  It should be available for all quickly if Microsoft is looking to grab market share from Google’s Chrome and Firefox.  

On the other hand, Microsoft has announced that they will release many more extensions later in the year.  Some of the extensions that will be released are Evernote, Amazon, and LastPass.  Microsoft is already testing previously released extensions to further improve them.  Microsoft is also looking at feedback and seeing user satisfaction surveys.  

Edge initially launched with no extension support at all.  When compared with Internet Explorer (IE), it was hailed as a great browser.  The lack of extensions made Microsoft’s Edge browser a nonstarter for users.  Users were already accustomed to customizability and 3rd-party extension support from Google’s Chrome and Firefox.  

Microsoft previously announced in October of 2015 that it was adding 3rd-party extension support to their Edge browser.  They stated that this would happen in 2016, but declined to tell exactly when.   We doubt whether this would be enough to win users back.  It remains to be seen how far this goes in grabbing market share from Google’s Chrome and Firefox.  Popular extension developers are collaborating and cooperating to support Microsoft’s Edge browser.  This move will definitely help Microsoft’s Edge browser.  


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