Facebook Attains Whatsapp Which Is To Get Voice Calls Soon

Posted on Nov 6 2014 - 3:26pm by TechliveTech
Facebook attains WhatsApp for a deal of almost $22 billion

Facebook attains WhatsApp for a deal of almost $22 billion

Facebook attains WhatsApp for a deal of almost $22 billion. WhatsApp, the messaging service across platforms enables users to send messages with their own phone numbers over mobile broadband.

Being the world’s biggest instant messaging app, WhatsApp has about 600 active users as of August 2014. Over 1 million new users join it a day and CNN crowns it as the smartphones most popular messaging app. According to Neeraj Arora (business head) in India WhatsApp has about 70 million active users.

Since WhatsApp sends messages via mobile broadband it save fees on the user’s phone bills. WhatsApp charges its users one dollar per year after their successful first free usage year and this is how it makes its revenue. Reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek in last week’s regulatory financial filing, WhatsApp’s 2013 revenue is $10.2 million which proves to be good for Facebook on acquiring the head of smartphones messaging service

Facebook known for its interest in user connectivity services mainly on international level, on witnessing the unique growth achieved by WhatsApp in a short span of time attained WhatsApp at any cost, as naturally Facebook wants the best piece.

It can be recalled that Facebook before getting WhatsApp acquired Instagram in April 2012 for $1 billion. As reported to CNN by Jan Koum, WhatsApp CEO, the business is successful and this made Facebook buy WhatsApp to value add to its existing messaging services and also for the long term growth of the company. Also Facebook WhatsApp’s aim is to attain 1 billion active users before it can indulge itself on revenue. And   Facebook’s board of directors list even get Koum added.

Facebook Messenger's Voice Calling Feature and WhatsApp's Voice Calling Feature will not clash

Facebook Messenger’s Voice Calling Feature and WhatsApp’s Voice Calling Feature will not clash

WhatsApp Voice Calls:

Next is the WhatsApp’s voice calling feature. It was long said that WhatsApp too gets voice calling feature but now it looks like users have to wait still some more time. The delay is mainly because of the technical hurdle faced by WhatsApp developers.

With this voice calling feature that was recently confirmed by Koum, WhatsApp is to directly enter into competition with other similar apps like Viber, Line and WeChat. Also Koum confirms that the voice calling feature of WhatsApp, strictly a mobile-only service will not collide with the voice calling feature of Facebook Messenger which on the other hand enables users to make calls on their tablets and iPads via Wi-Fi also.

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