Here are a Few things that you probably didn’t know you can do on Facebook Messenger

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You might be one of those people wronged to think that Facebook is simply an app meant to message. Well, that’s one thing that the Facebook Messenger can do. Apart from that there are other useful  things that you can also do with this app.

Facebook Messenger Collectives

Facebook Messenger Collectives

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Facebook Messenger | Too Rigid to Discard

For years now people install Facebook’s Messenger app just to chat privately with their friends on Facebook. There are quite a lot of us who have discarded the app assuming that it simply just sits there taking up our valuable gadget storage space. But here’s news. Facbook uses Messenger to bring in new features and capabilities that are very meaningful as a part of the services. The separate app does generate money through the advertising and other features. Mainly for that reason Facebook is sort of pushing their users to separately download the Messenger app although it takes up a lot of space. Also it has blocked users from accessing Facebook messages through the mobile browser on Android and iPhones as well.

Here are a few other things that you can do using Facebook Messenger beyond just sending messages and funky emojis.

  1. Group Chats
  2. Bots
  3. Send or request money
  4. Video calls
  5. Play games

Facebook’s messenger lets you add friends to group chats easily. Even though you can do the same with the browser it seems to be easy with the app. It seems to be like luring people into the app so it is more easy to use it. Facebook lets you create chat bots that can send you latest updates on news and weather. It can also let you shop for shoes           or book plane tickets and hotels. With the bot you can a message to the brand just like any other ordinary message and the reply from the other side is automated.


Messenger money

Messenger money

Did you know that you can send or request money through the Messenger app?  By making use of your debit card you can send money to your Facebook friend using their Messenger app. This can happen only when the receiver has their card number attached to their Facebook account. You also have the option to request money. To make use of this transfer option you got to select the person you want  money from and tap Payments.  There is no additional charges involved to send or receive payments. You only have to have a debit card.

Very well coming to the latest thing on the Messenger app, in case your mom isn’t on Skype or FaceTime isn’t an option as your friend has Android then you can make video calls on your phone using Messenger. It is free over WiFi and charged over mobile data.

You can also play games like Soccer with the app. Select a Facebook friend to play with and then select the emoji keyboard and get started. Tap the football with your finger and do so till it says in the air.

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Get heard. Now that you have come across the things you can do with Facebook Messenger app, are you still going to discard it? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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