Facebook Might Top List the Video Sharing Sites – a Threat to Youtube

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 1:21pm by TechliveTech
Facebook a Threat to Youtube in terms of video consumption

Facebook a threat to Youtube in terms of video consumption

Facebook, one of the widely accepted social networking site mainly involves easy sharing of contents online with friends and relatives. Further it would be worth saying that other social sharing networking sites emerged following the features of Facebook.

Now the new feature catching up with Facebook is its videos that are getting huge number of shares than Youtube videos. This means that the social networking site in terms of video sharing might likely take over Youtube, as also confirmed by researchers.

A study based on 180,000 posts over a year on 20,000 Facebook pages has revealed that Youtube’s real competitor is turning out to be Facebook, that too in terms of video consumption.  According to an analytics company of social media – Socialbakers as reported on its website indicates that the content marketers are directly posting their video contents onto Facebook enlightening that the social networking site is holding on the traffic being the cause for Youtube to lose.

A study report by a social media analytics company, Socialbakers

A study report by a social media analytics company, Socialbakers

CEO of Socialbakers, Jan Rezab quotes that this might turn out to be a big deal to Youtube thereby making them lose lot of their distribution percentage. He also said that with these users would stay on Facebook without leaving. Also the report suggests that the marketers for gaining engagement, plan to continue using Facebook as it turns out to be more effective. Essentially, the trend might not get reversed from its current path.

Also it can be noted that Facebook in September revealed that about a billion videos are served by the site a day.

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