Facebook Now Tracks Everybody, Including Non Users, Through Browsers

Posted on May 30 2016 - 4:05pm by Juwairia

Facebook, the social media giant , has announced that it will now start pushing ads to all users , irrespective of whether they use the website or not. No one with an internet will now be able to hide from the company.

The new changes have been rolling out since May 26. All internet users will now be automatically monitored so that the ads they see will be matched to their interests.

Facebook has raised privacy breach alarms

Facebook has raised privacy breach alarms


The social media giant will collect information about browsing behavior of individuals using like buttons, cookies and other similar plug ins. If the websites the users visit have tied up with Facebook for advertising, the user’s browsing data will be shared with Facebook too. The measure has been initiated as a part of Facbeook’s plan to target advertisements to its non users.

All those concerned with privacy issues see the move as violation of privacy respect. While Google and Facebook both dominate the world of online targeted advertising, Facebook’s use of cookies has raised alarm. The European Mandate has raised the flag that the company’s cookies violate the consumer privacy laws.

No one can hide from Facebook now

No one can hide from Facebook now


Recently, Facebook was also allegedly found be tracking the activities of its users even after they logged out of the website or application. The online giant, however, dismissed the charges by blaming the behavior on a few coding bugs.

The French Data Protection Agency has also ordered the company to find a way for users to opt out of sharing their personal data with advertisers. It also requested users to better inform that their activities are being watched.

“For non-Facebook members, previously we didn’t use it. Now we’ll use it to better understand how to target those people,” says Andrew Bosworth, Vice President of Advertising and Business Division of the company.

The company also emphasized that the users are in full control over the information they can decide to share. Facebook users can opt out of interest based ads from the website. Non users of Facebook can opt out of the pestering ads though these sites:

Hugely popular, the company already has the data of over 1.7 billion people who frequent the website. It will now slowly grow in number to capture the whole world in its network.

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