Facebook Services Section to let Vendors Sell through their Pages for Free

Posted on Aug 3 2016 - 10:27pm by Pavithra Manisha
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Facebook has started to roll out new sections for the pages merchants design to promote their sales on the site. With these new Facebook Services Section it is possible to make businessmen make use of Facebook pages to increase incentive and buy goods and services from them. The social media giant is to let small business in emerging markets to sell products to the customers for free through their pages. This is a whole new effort to strengthen potential advertisers in the fastest growing places.

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Facebook Services Section

Facebook services section on pages

Facebook services section on pages

So we can soon expect a great shopping experience right through Facebook. It was last year that Facebook came up with a Facebook Services Section that let merchants sell items through paid ads on Facebook app. But this new feature of Facebook Services Section is free and the purchase can be made from the merchant’s Facebook page itself.

“If a business is seeing value from their page, there is a higher opportunity that they could be an advertiser,” said Benji Shomair, product marketing director of Facebook Pages, in an interview.

The shop section lets the vendors display products that they are selling on their respective pages. This will let customers to search for items and make relative offers through Facebook Messenger. This feature as of now will be available to pages in the Southeast of Asia and other emerging markets like Thailand, Malaysia and India. Also the service is available globally to professional service providers and will be rolled out in the weeks to come.

All these attempts seem to be a part of Facebook’s effort to persuade business to maintain their presence on their platform. Through this way it also seems to showcase and keep the Messenger app going and in demand.

Though these sections aren’t highlighted to an extent that it is immediately notable, it is good to start with as more than 1 billion people daily visit Facebook  and a portion of it for their business ventures. This ignites the way merchants show off their business goods and services on the business page.

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Get heard. What do you think of this new feature from Facebook? Do you think other e-commerce sites will face a crisis after this? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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