Facebook / WhatsApp data sharing Everything you need to Know

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 8:38am by Pavithra Manisha

By now you must be aware that Facebook wants to  make use of your WhatsApp data. It isn’t a surprise that Facebook is taking this action. But on the flip-side there is something that you can do about it if you don’t want  your WhatsApp data being shared.



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In case you are not aware of the WhatsApp policy changes, here’s what happened: WhatsApp announced that it is going to amend its terms and conditions. The messaging company also announced that  it can now exchange information with Facebook. It took on to make clarifications that the end-to-end encryption remains intact. This is an attempt that shows ways be which companies can communicate with their WhatsApp customers.  This action reflects the fact that WhatsApp belonged to Facebook since 2014 and that this exchange of data integrates with Facebook systems and helps combat spams. Also with this attempt, WhatsApp can learn more of its users’ habits. By connecting WhatsApp account information with Facebook, it is helpful for WhatsApp because Facebook can help suggest friends and provide apt advertising.

Here are the steps to opt out of WhatsApp data sharing:

WhatsApp data sharing

WhatsApp data sharing

1)First you will encounter the new terms and conditions pages being thrown onto you when you launch WhatsApp.

2) At this point you can simply uncheck the Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook box and prevent sharing your data.

3) When the above option is left unchecked, a warning will appear that targeted ads experience of your’s will not be improved.

4) Unless you are OK with this option you can leave the box unchecked and Agree to Terms & Conditions.

5) In case you have already agreed to the Terms & Conditions you needn’t worry. There is a third-party window to undo the changes.

6) Open WhatsApp and go to Settings -> Account -> Share my account info and uncheck the tick box.

Note: Looks like we get only 30 days to make changes. In case you don’t want Facebook using your WhatsApp data then act as fast as you can.  As these steps can stop your account information from being used to provide you better ad services, there are chances that all other data can still be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Get heard. Do you accept to the terms and conditions associated with WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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