Fast Charging Battery 30 Seconds to Charge Fully By StoreDot

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Though we are highly interested in getting an Electronic gadget that comes with handy features that are required for the smoother lifestyle, we fail to keep the same alive for a long duration. The key aspect for this frustration is absolutely because of poor condition with the battery categorically. Battery is the main factor that keeps any electronic device alive. The duration of an electronic device working are extremely depends highly on the capacity of the battery. Though in these days you are gifted with a battery which is capable delivering the required power for an electronic device, you must have to spend a remarkable hour of time to charge up the same.

Power Bank Utilities:

Most of the business people and travelers usually carry their power bank along with them. This is mainly due to lack of enough battery support with their electronics devices naturally. Though you carry a power bank with yourself, again, there comes a factor of time consuming. Yes, you have to spend at least 4 hours to make your power bank to get fully charged for sure. Wait a minute; do you ever hear about fast charging techniques for the Smartphones? Absolutely there would be plenty. But, most of them are myth and certainly damages the performance of your battery undeniably. There is a complete solution found in the same issue by StoreDot.

StoreDot Fast Charging Battery Device:

Fast Charging Battery 30 Seconds to Charge Fully By StoreDot

StoreDot Fast Charging Battery Techniques

You are all very aware about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 event, which is absolutely conducted for the benefits of the electronics maker to showcase their innovative product in international level. StoreDot is among the participator of the CES 2015 and displayed their excellent, innovative product in the show. StoreDot comes up with a fast charging battery device which is capable of charging up Smartphone completely within 30 Seconds. New and Improvised version of the same is displayed in the event. Initially, several months back, by April 2014, StoreDot made their fast charging battery test on Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 got complete charges for its battery exactly at 30 seconds, using this fast charging battery device. The StoreDot promised that, they would certainly develop similar category devices for the major Smartphone in the world. 

Fast Charging Battery Techniques:

StoreDot an Israeli based firm comes up with the most advanced and innovative technique of charging the electronic device battery as sooner as possible in the world. You can just go through their official demo regarding the same in the following video.

Fast Charging Battery 30 Seconds to Charge Fully By StoreDot

Only 30 Seconds to Charge a Battery Completely

StoreDot Demo Video in 30 Seconds Charging of Galaxy S4

This industry is certainly undergoing some new method of charging that gives you the power of experiencing 30 seconds fast charging battery device live. They develop this fast charging battery device through some exceptional biological semiconductor. “Peptides” is the building blocks for the manufacturing of fast charging battery for sure. The capacity of the StoreDot, fast charging battery is up to 900mAh as of now. This is certainly pretty lower than ordinary mobile in this modernized world.

We will create the current size and capacity matching standard fast charging battery within 2017, added by CEO Doron Myersdorf of StoreDot. This is certainly an incredible work done by the StoreDot and we have to wait for the same to be commercialized sooner.

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