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Flipkart delivery products in 3 hours in next 6 months


Flipkart has made the boldest announcement ever “3 hours delivery”. This venture is expected in the next 6 months. The company is into deep research and working on the plan. The delivery cost, category of the products to deliver, the cities and the ware house facilities are to be considered to set this project live.

Currently in the e- commerce market companies like Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal are the leading companies. Initially delivery of products through online took longer time to reach customer. Since we are in the e- commerce era, these firms now try to reach their products to their customer within the same day of order. But this is benefitted only in few big cities with a fee.

Flipkart is a Singapore based company which exclusively operates in India. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. They allege to have the best logistics and delivery group. They own nearly 13 warehouses. Nearly 12,000 people are working with the delivery. Same- day delivery is already on progress with 10 cities.

Head of WS Retail and ekart Logistics Sujeet Kumar in an interview with Economic Times mentioned that “Some time customers want the delivery within short time. We are working with the cost and mode of transport, since delivery of the products within the same day will be expensive for the customers”. He also promised that “We have the rich data than any other maps”. Soon more technology will be arranged to process their venture. The start date of this process is declined by the company.

Latest Update:Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2015 is app-only, which means you can browse the website, but to actually avail discounts as part of the sale, you will need to download the Flipkart app. Sadly, the app users didn’t seem to fare any better, as these tweets by Flipkart users will testify

Fast delivery of products can be new to India but not other countries. Amazon parent ships goods in New York is delivered to the customer within 60 minutes for a fee. In Manhattan within 60 minutes product which includes detergents and shampoos are delivery to the customer with $7.99 fee.

Since e- commerce is rapidly growing in India fast delivery will attract people and the other firms will also introduce this scheme. This will also influence Amazon India to start delivery in less time.

According to experts 2 things are to be considered. First, they need to split their offers that can be available in the time frames. Second, Logistics has to be given more importance. To make this work company should increase the number of warehouse in the central part of the city that can be easy for delivery.

They also feel that this model is difficult to manage time barrier. A lot of effort is required to make it to reality.

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