Fidget Cube – A Versatile Gadget for Fidgeting!

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Most of us can’t keep still. When we are thinking fast, panicking or trying to remember something nervously, a good fidgeting toy would be heavenly to keep the body busy while the mind is racing superfast. With so many of us addicted to fidgeting, a new gadget called the Fidget Cube has been created. This little gadget allows you to glide, roll, click, spin and more to your heart’s content.

The fidget cube has been designed perfectly for serial fidgeters. I pick nail polish off my fingers, click my pen till the spring gives away, spin my keys or switch on and off lights until I decide something. The Fidget Cube comes here as a great stylish alternative to these destructive fidgeting solutions.

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The Fidget Cube – Tools!

The cube has six sides. Each of the six sides has been filled with a fun little tool.

  • Roll: One of the sides has tactile gears. This side is for rolling.  This side also has a little ball that also rolls and clicks.
  • Flip: This side has a switch that can go ‘on’ ‘off’ ‘on’ ‘off’.
  • Spin: This face of the cube has a dial that spins smoothly.
  • Click: The click side has five buttons. Three of them click audibly. Two have been silenced for silent fidgeting.
  • Breathe: This face of the cube aims to relieve anxiety. It has been designed after worry stones that were believed to reduce anxiety when rubbed.
  • Glide: Glide is a joystick that moves over the side smoothly.

The founders, brothers named Mark and Matthew McLachlan call their creation a ‘vinyl desk toy’. As they put up their creation on KickStarter, it blew past the $15000 goal and is now nearing more than $1.87 million. Their company has been named Antsy Labs, aptly. This Fidget Cube has a lot of engineering inside which took four years to perfect.

“We came up with the idea for Fidget Cube about four years ago, when we realized that we both have a hard time sitting still and staying focused while working on projects. Other toys that are meant for fidgeting look out of place in a professional setting. We wanted to design something that would look great in any circumstance,” says Mark.

The response this little gadget has received is overwhelming. People with ADHD see the fidget cube as a beneficial tool. The applications are vast for this little toy.


Fidget Cube – Colors

This little gadget is available in eight unique colour schemes to fulfill your tastes. The colours available are:

  • Die
  • Graphite
  • Midnight
  • Aqua
  • Sunset
  • Berry
  • Fresh
  • Retro

Fidget Cube- Price

The Fidget Cube will cost about $25 when it retails. But if you order it within 40 days, you can get it for $19. You’ll get free US shipping on ordering 2 or more. 5 or more cubes also qualifies for free worldwide shipping.

I’m ordering two, for both hands!

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