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Posted on Dec 26 2014 - 8:58am by Techie Gen

WhatsApp certainly brought finest revolution in the Instant Messaging Apps in all platforms of the mobile operating systems including, Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and even the Nokia Symbian indeed.  This app certainly helps the interested chatters to send and receive their messages, videos and photo files in real time manner. These entire moves don’t require any further registration than your existing 10 digit mobile number. You can instantly get in touch with your friends in North Pole by knowing their mobile number from the South Pole without any additional cost except the internet data charges categorically.

Now, they are planning to provide user a great and most welcoming feature nothing but, the option of making “voice call” directly from the app. The proposal as also states that, the voice call implementation is also going for free of cost as you are enjoying the other features of the WhatsApp indeed. From the official and reliable source of gives you the possibility of implementing the voice calling features in WhatsApp in near future. The given below image show you the future voice calling option implementation in the same.


Furthermore, the image suggests well that, the only device that is running under the Android’s latest operating system, Android L 5.0 Lollipop will support the same in best possible mode. Some of the interesting features that you can expect to enjoy with the future WhatsApp is that, there is an option of recording and playback. This is clearly evident from the above screen shot of the leaked image of the voice calling feature supported WhatsApp. This inscribed well that, there will be a separate screenshot that gives you the access to true caller identity undeniably. Also, the same is expected to be unveiled with the fully-fledged application comprises of contact person image, name, their number and other related recently conversed stuffs indeed.

You might have really known this following factors, such as; WhatsApp is among the top key factor for the downfall of the operator assisted SMS Services for sure. You also aware about the same existing feature by Skype and the only disadvantage possessed with them are offering this service only in their respective platform. Even though, WhatsApp comes forward to provide the same voice calling feature to the users across the globe, only by either offering the service for free or reduced rates of the operator, they could really succeed in connecting millions of users around the world.


Just imagine, what will be the future of the regular operator financial positions or business, if you are possessed with free voice call options through the same 10 digit mobile number using the internet. Even though they might definitely service high by offering higher rate data services, this also could really be the fatal to the end of traditional voice calling features offered directly by the mobile operator worldwide. Whoa! Really can’t imagine the excitement if the same comes true within any stipulated real time. Will this really happen! Let us wait and watch!!

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  1. stevecarl January 2, 2015 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    The image shown in the article stats, Whatsapp calling service update will first unlock to Android Smartphone. But what about Apple and blackberry?

    • Manikandan January 2, 2015 at 1:11 pm - Reply

      We will get you the live update about the same in near future!

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