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Looking for content writing jobs ? Are you a copywriter or Freelance writer? Do you want to earn a quick cash by working from home ? The solution to all the questions is Contentmart. It provides with the portal where you need to register yourself as a content writer and you can now start earning money by working for the clients who need the content. Since 2 years, the freelancing market has grown to a great level and benefitted the freelance community in India.
Steps you need to fulfill to start earning good money by way of Freelance writing through Contentmart.

1. Visit Contentmart.com and register yourself as content writer
2. Create the basic profile of yourself by mentioning Name, age, experience, gender, samples, profile photo, address and many more things as required.
3. Apply to the orders published on the home page.
4. Get a superb bid for the clients and try to make it the way the client would surely take you for the order
5. Complete the work in the timeline and submit it for reviewing.
6. Once the write up gets accepted then the money would be transferred to the Contentmart wallet
7. If the client asks for revision then you need to make the revisions and submit it again without any charge.

The money gets credited to the wallet and if you want the money to be transferred to the bank accounts than you need to make the wallet money of minimum Rs. 3,000. After the wallet reaches that mark, you can transfer the earned money to Bank account. The thing to note is that you need to write best and high-quality content in order to earn the money. If the client does not like the work, he may reject the order and due to which you would not be able to earn single money.

I am myself a content writer on to this portal and earning a good amount of income by way of writing. For starting the project on Contentmart, you will find some difficulties in getting the work, but you did not lose the hope of the clients. You need to continue making efforts and get the work. You can bid the amount you are comfortable with and also the deadline under which you can provide the content.

The best benefit to the freelance writer or copywriters seeking this kind of content writing jobs in India is that the portal or the marketplace is exclusively made for only one freelancing job, i.e. Writing or Translation services, which makes things clearer and helps in maintaining the bids restricted to these areas only. The design and theme of this website are designed such a way that it attracts the copywriters to come again and again and work more.

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