How to Get Infinite Gmail Addresses from your Existing Gmail Address

Posted on May 30 2016 - 4:04pm by Juwairia

Gmail has some tiny tips and tricks that are mostly unknown to many. Knowing these little techniques can help you save a bit of time and headache.

We all actually get a ‘’ address. But within this little identity, we actually get infinite numbers of email addresses. Here’s how.

The Plus Trick:

Adding words after your email address with a plus sign will not affect the address in anyway.

For example, if the address is, you can change it to, ‘’ or ‘’.

Plus trick in Gmail

Plus trick in Gmail

You will still get the mail sent to you anyway. Any number of words can be added this way.

The Dot Trick:

In a similar way, Gmail has stopped recognizing dots as characters in the address. The full stops in between the Gmail address are simply ignored and are valueless.

For example, if the email address is, you can also give it as or as or similarly.

Full Stops Trick in Gmail

Full Stops Trick in Gmail

You will still get the mail sent to you anyway. Any number of full stops can be added this way.

The Capital Letters Trick:

Also, if writing your email address as may look beautiful and readable to you, but the systems don’t even recognize it.

For example, is the same as

Capital Letters Trick from Gmail

Capital Letters Trick from Gmail

Any emails sent to both the above addresses will end up in the same inbox at last.

Manipulating your email addresses this way gives you more power and control over your every flooding inbox.

Escape From Spam Mails:

If you decide to sign up for some online shopping site, use In the future, if you receive spam emails to this particular address, you can know who sold your address to third parties. You can set the Gmail filter to auto delete emails to this particular address to escape from the hundreds of flashing sale newsletters.

VIP Mails:

If you have near and dear ones who send you mails, or work contacts who expect prompt responses, you can customize your email address with a plus or full stops. Then set up the Gmail filter to mark messages to this particular address as top priority. This will help your dearest and important members get a VIP status among all the useless stuff that piles up in your inbox.

Smartphone Alert:

From the smartphone aspect, the Gmail app settings allow you to set notifications by label. So you could give different versions of Gmail addresses for work and personal life. Just set the notification alert to only one type of label, and you can enjoy a free quality time without getting nagged by countless notifications for silly mails.

Separating Work and Personal Life:

Unique versions of emails can also help you manage work and personal contacts in the same inbox.

Not a Gmail User?

Full stops don’t matter to Facebook too, apparently. But if you are using Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCloud or Yahoo Mail, these tricks won’t work for you. Twitter strictly prohibits full stops.

While these tricks have been in existence for years now, there are many who still make a point of repeatedly using the same dots in the addresses where it could have easily been dot less.

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