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Data. Meta Data. Forget all that you know about data and information. Things are just getting better for you now with Personal Data Container.  Data is not going to be boring anymore. Its not going to be unreachable either. Internet companies are not going to be the only ones owning your personal data. Apart from it being exciting and valuable, for the first time data is going to be all yours.

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Using the internet we unintentionally hand over a large amount of personal and private data to search engines, online shopping sites and also the major social networking sites every time that we are online. Almost everyone is unaware of what their data is, who is gaining access to it and how precious it could be to someone else on the internet. The HAT is on a mission to change that situation just like a perfect Personal Data Container.

This is how your digital footprint may look like

Personal Data Contianer

Digital Footprint

Its a wake up call alarming, as to how much of your Personal Data Container that you pour online and provide it to third-parties and how your data will benefit them, just like how large corporates perform an analysis and gain profit from it.

Internet of Things (IOT) as well call it, is growing exponentially  and it isn’t going to be limited to only those smart homes. Are you aware that you are creating data by simply using  your smartphone, sending emails and messages and engaging yourself on social networks.

There is enough data about you that there is an online digital life about youm which is a part of the internet. Its up time that this data gives you some benefit in return and also lets you make a few bucks out of it.

What is HAT?

HAT stands for Hub of All Things, just like a Personal Data Container. It is a market platform that lets you collect the data that different companies know about you, combines and visualises it in a meaningful way and also controls who can benefit from this by exchanging and trading data about you.

Hub of All Things

Hub of All Things

HAT is basically a private and secure cloud based information system that has along with storage a few data processing abilities. It is like a microserver container. HAT lets you access your data and manages it from a dash board, a hyperdata browser that is called Rumpel also works with HAT. Using the Rumpel you can access HAT from desktop or mobile devices. In case you are an expert user then install it on your computer or simply just subscribe for a service provided by certified HAT platform providers (HPP) .

Hub of All Things


HAT  lets you do the following just like a Private Data Container:

  • Collect your data from the internet
  • Use data for making more informed decisions
  • Combine your data with other data for better planning
  • Keep your data private and secure
  • Track your habits and lifestyle
  • Organise your data in a way that suits you
  • Use your data as intelligence to operate and control internet activities
  • Recall events, messages and photos from the past in context of other things happening in your life
  • Browse your data and analyse your lifestyle and health
  • Share your data that you trust
  • Exchange your data for discounts
  • Monetise your data
  • Match your data with what you want to buy
  • Get recommendations for your lifestyle data
  • Buy applications that help you view, analyse and use your data
  • Have the processing power of corporations
  • Build communities among you and among other friends
  • Share ideas, equipment, rides
  • Create your own SIri, a data assistant advising you based on your own data, with other data
  • Use cutting edge technology developed by research
  • Transform the internet

There are a lot of other things too that the makers of HAT want to add to the list.

So what does HAT actually do?

HAT actually offers data plugs that claim your personal data from the Internet, your mobile and IOT wearables and everything that companies gather and store to sell information about you.  Data includes where you have been, what you have been listening to, what all you searched for on the internet, your email and list goes on. When using HAT your data can be claimed by Google. Facebook, online stores and everyone else.

Then by using Rumpel, which is the first ever hyperdata browser you can visualise what all these companies know about you. Here you can add data that only you know about yourself. Make a digital fragment of all this information by putting all this together.

Using HAT you can choose what has to be done with the data. You can preserve it for yourself to know you better. Share it with friends to make plans. Alternately trade the valuable resources for credits, discount codes, money, recommendations etc. You must have signed in to a service with big giants like Google or Facebook. They needn’t be the only ones who take care of your data. HAT can also be used to sign in and control the data that you share with a data debit. Just terminate the debit when you don’t want to share it anymore.

Security in HAT

Its not just a personal data container, it also preserves the privacy for exchanging with others.

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When will it be available?

HAT will be available by July 2016. It will include 1GB storage for personal data, data plugs to connect data, Rumpel  to manage, organise and exchange personal data, applications from HAT platform providers and also APIs for developers.   

Get heard. Do you know what else Personal Data Containers can do and how we can benefit form using it? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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