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Posted on Aug 21 2015 - 12:51pm by Pavithra Manisha
Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam

There has always been a craze for animated GIF. I mean who would not love one? That’s why the Giphy has put in so much effort to create on your mobile device your personalised GIFs. Giphy the search engine for all the GIF things released a new iOs app and named it Giphy Cam. This Giphy Cam app allows the users of the app to create some of their own GIFs. These GIFs can there be sent and shared on social media by the creators.


This creation comes in stand after Giphy wanted to find a solution to the problem of always searching for GIFs online. Through this Giphy Cam now, GIFs can be made easily and shared with messaging applications and other communication platforms. It further gives the unique ability to create some own funky GIFs and allow users to share their moments.

Giphy Cam | Features

  • Users are allowed to record a short GIF through Giphy Cam. The GIFs can then be shared through test messages and social media platform like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Users can save the recorded GIF to their camera rolls also.
  • Giphy Cam allows the users to also add some fun effects and filters for the created GIF. You have the ability to add pixelated filter and overlay other images on the GIF created by you.
  • Giphy Cam app does not have a feed within the app and so there is no consumption layer. This makes the non-availability of a follow or friend structure like other social interaction apps.
  • Maximum length of a recorder GIF is limited to five seconds.
  • Giphy Cams’s Giphy Compression software maintains the .gif file structure whenit shares the recorder GIFs through Twitter and iMessage that support .gif format. For platforms that do not support .gif format Giphy makes the files to a looping video that enables sharing otherwise.
  • Easy embedding of GIFs through the Giphy Cam is now available for users.

The creators of the Giphy Cam app say that Giphy Cam is a creation tool and not a social network. GIFS created using this app are meant to be shared and sent out to the world.

Giphy had launched the beta works of the app in 2013 earlier, this from then being the first search engine that was built exclusively for the GIFs.  The company has gone this far and enabled the embedding of GIFs by integrating with some other media cross platforms. Gipphy has also progressively grown and raised about $17 million at $180 million valuation. It has associated itself with big companies like Slack,Gmail, Facebook Messenger to enable GIFS enter the communication world. It is currently under the work for Android version on the app.

Check out Giphy Cam at the App Store

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