Go Geo Secure with Google Passwords for Smartlock & Fingerprints

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In a Digital World, every access certainly needs an authentication to defend the harm. Passwords are the right key to unlock your digital world as secure as possible. The number of passwords you possessed in these days is really high and the same grows up with your enhanced digital life. As we know, assigning same password to the entire digital accounts is an unsafe move, we definitely trying to keep unique passwords for each access. Interestingly, as we are talking about the safe way of authenticating your digital property, the risk of keeping them safe is very high, as the internet fraud or hacking always looking for a loophole to get unauthorized access to your property in Online.

Google is Setting Up New Way of Security:

We know how Google is so helpful to the end user in terms of productivity supplies (apps), and many. In our daily life, some of the common digital equipments, we undergo are websites (say, Email), Standalone MP3 Players, VHS Video discs and more stuffs, where we undergo unlocking them using a text based passwords. This time, Google has come up with a smart move in terms of securing your digital world through Google Passwords.

Stop Third Party Password Managers:

Go Geo Secure with Google Passwords for Smartlock & Fingerprints

Google Developers Fingerprint Reader

With the help of the official Google Passwords operation, you could definitely get rid of saving your digital passwords on any of the third party (Android) Apps in your mobile phone or cloud as well. The first move implemented with the latest Google Passwords operation is the Smart Lock Passwords. The Smart lock passwords is a developer tool once and now it has been a tool for end users as well. This move enables the user to provide a digital gateway to get connected to a person’s Google account naturally.

You can also technically say the Google Passwords is a password manager, where the users can store and retire their login details of various apps & services, but within the Google Account. Hope you know Google’s tagline, “One Account One Google” and Google has certainly implemented the same technology here. Yes, once you sign-in safely with your Google Account, any of the connected apps and other digital world will automatically give you access, without prompting for separate authentication. It simply works awesome on Chrome browser for unlocking your connected websites and Smartphones for connecting Apps. The extension is also looking forward to provide this support for the Android TV in the future.

10 Times High Secure than Fingerprint Scanner:

In the recently concluded Google I/O 2015, it is said that, Google is working on the process of identifying the individual means of confirmation. This is an exceptional move from the internet giant why because, each of us certainly have a distinctive kind of accent, typing approach and even the ways of swiping the screen as well. The Google Passwords is claimed to be taking care of these features in the future for providing authentication to the user, which is also alleged that, it will be 10 times more secure than your fingerprint scanner authentication. This is a quite common feature implemented with the recently launched Apple iPhones for TouchID & Payment Validation services.

Feel the True Authentication: Google Passwords

As there won’t be any kind of traditional strings of characters for the authentication proceedings, you will definitely get the true value of your digital access without any fake, irrespective of the features gifted to the hacker.

“The system was already functioning, but wasn’t coming just yet. However, the company is investing heavily in its development, partnering with 16 other institutions to speed up development and testing”, says Google’s Regina Dugan, during the Google I/O 2015 presentation about the new digital authentication stuffs.

Project Vault: by Google Passwords

Go Geo Secure with Google Passwords for Smartlock & Fingerprints

Google Project Vault Smart kit MicroSD Slot

This is the third and final move associated with the Google passwords, where it will be coded with ample of authentication process a MicroSD card. This card can be inserted within a Computer, so that, the user’s data can’t be hacked or hijacked for no reasons by the hackers. As of now, this project is under testing in the business sector and the consumer version of the same is on the way, says, Dugan.

Bottom Line:

The combination of all these three moves from the Google Passwords, makes the system to function effectively without any worry about the internet fraud or hacking threatens. Stay amazed with Techlive Info!

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