Google Inc selects HTC Corp to make its next Nexus tablet

Posted on Sep 22 2014 - 3:31pm by TechliveTech
Google-Inc-partners with -HTC-corp-for-Nexus next tablet.

Google-Inc-partners with -HTC-corp-for-Nexus next tablet.

HTC after its 2011 Flyer tablet failed was not ready to go about making any more tablets until a convincing reason to try again. Now Google selecting HTC over Samsung (experienced tablet makers) seems to be one such reason for HTC to start with its tablet making.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Google Inc is to partner with HTC Corp to get its next 9- inch Nexus tablet made, as said by sources familiar to the matter. It was also reported that in recent months HTC engineers, to work on the project have been flying to the Googleplex in Mountain View.

Google and HTC both were not available to comment regarding their collaboration on a Nexus tablet.



The Nexus One, Google’s first Nexus Smartphone in 2010 was made by HTC which then did not go about making anymore in the line. And it is only now it is partnering with the search giant company again.

The notable fact of Google’s partnership is its long-standing philosophy of building a broad base. Google changes its partners device to device to evade the gaining of domination by any one manufacturer, as informed by sources. This is the reason why Google since last year was considering HTC and finally selected it to make its next Nexus tablet though HTC focusing absolutely on smartphones lacks a strong tablet reputation.

HTC with its flagship “One” smartphones is flourishing in the market of Android smartphones with reviewers commenting it to be the best since last year. But HTC on the other hand is fighting hard to maintain its sales against Samsung, which makes smartphones with deeper pockets.

This is one of the reasons (as predicted) for Google to partner with HTC as Google has been always cautious of Samsung which made its Nexus 10 tablet, becoming powerful among Android makers.

Though Google was not ready to comment on the reason for it switching Nexus devices partners, it did say that Android being a vibrant ecosystem enables many of the manufactures to do well. And so there is more room for other partners to innovate and do well with Android.

As for the Taiwanese company, HTC it has been eagerly waiting to get hold of a new sector as it is losing in the smartphone market. Also as informed by the company’s executives, this year they are working on new areas like wearable devices.

With regards to HTC Nexus tablet’s consumer reception nothing can be predicted. Sales estimation of the device is mixed. But for HTC something similar that happened with Asus in 2012 can be expected. Asus in 2012 with Nexus 7 doubled its profit.

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