Google I/O Conference 2015 | Android M Features & Expectations

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Google is certainly gaining its momentum and hype through the upcoming Google I/O Conference 2015. There is ample buzz around the Google Inc, that they could launch the next iteration of Android exactly. As of now, one thing is definitely sure that, Google is definitely planned unveiling something new on the forthcoming  Google I/O Conference, which is scheduled to start on 28th May 2015. Though there is no official confirmation about their plan over the next version Android Lollipop, few reliable rumors suggest that, Google Android M will be the hero of the show.

Android M For Workplaces:

Most of us definitely know, Android is the only platform where you will get an ocean of Apps and Games in the same number and you can definitely get satisfied with your flavor. Though apps are certainly there in the Google Play Store, while it comes to the office works, the trademark apps are pretty less, while comparing to Microsoft Apps.

Google I/O Conference 2015 | Android M Features & Expectations

Android Could be Launched at Google Annual Conference 2015

Google, recently unveiled their teaser stating that, “Android for Work Update”, which gives us a finer hint of the operating systems plan targeting the work places. There is a sweet secret behind the code name Android M, that is, Google has traditionally named its Android in the Alphabetical order. The last iteration of Android was coined as “Lollipop L” and now it’s the time for “Android M”.

The following are the few rumor & anticipated Android M versions,

  • Marshmallow,
  • M&M,
  • Muffin
  • Milkshake and
  • Marzipan.

Nothing could be unveiled before the same is confirmed by the officials at the mega Google I/O Conference 2015.

This is the same case with the last iteration of the Android (Android Lollipop), after a long buzz, Google finally named the same only when the operating system is ready to roll out. Hence, the buzz around the code name “Android M” will definitely continue up to 28th May 2015.

The guess game for the upcoming Android M name has been started and it’s in peak now.

Enhanced Privacy Controls for Users: Google Android M

As the Android M becomes the trending talks in the operating system sector, there are a few leaks around the same, which is exactly reveals about the Android’s privacy controls support to the users. One of the official Bloomberg report on highlights of the Android M suggests that, “the new Android M OS will be benefited with enhanced privacy control to the users”.

Google I/O Conference 2015 | Android M Features & Expectations

The Name Game of Android M 2015

The Rival competitor Apple iOS have recently updated their security features and ensured users has their privacy control to some extent, which was never before. Google too expected to implement the same kind of stuff with its Android M in the future. Yes, the users might get the reliable control over the apps and games installation services in the areas like, Photos, Contacts, and Location access indeed. Some of the Google App developers suggest that, this move could not only enhance the user’s privacy, but also save their battery and data too.

Users Expected Features with Android M:

As the event reaching an inch closer, the expectation towards the same goes in Skyline. As the Internet giant unveiled its date of launching the Android M, i.e. on May 28-29 at the Google I/O Conference 2015, both the guessing game and leaks are at high vow.

Some of the following are the expected features with the upcoming Android M by the users and even me.

Android Wear:

Most of the recent leaks suggest that, the next iteration of the Google M suggests that, it could be directly installed with the various technical sections of the Automobiles. Especially the cars are the highly benefiting vehicle by the next iteration Android M. Loyal users of Android expects that, Google to launch the same iteration to several high tech wearables in the globe so that, they could stay connected with the automobile & Smartphone, just in order to make tight security and alert indeed.

Fitness Section:

This is another most important expectation among the Android users that, wearable’s like fitness should also be benefited with the next iteration Android M. If the Google Ft Program goes higher and higher, peoples around the world, who are health conscious could definitely make the most of it.

Google I/O Conference 2015 | Android M Features & Expectations

Google IO Conference 2015 on May 28-29

Battery Improvements:

This is always an area that, Google should take care while launching any update to the Android operating system. Why, because, even today, most of the Android Smartphones, doesn’t offer the battery even 24 hours of normal use, irrespective of its battery capacity. If the Google provides a better update with the battery features with the upcoming Android M, it could definitely be big relief those who carry their chargers even to some undisclosed locations (LOL)!

Needs Faster Updates:

Google is certainly very slow in the process of releasing updates or removing bugs in the existing versions. Though it is very reasonable that, they could undergo several thousands of iterations & tests to remove the bugs and releasing the updates, as a user we definitely don’t have patience to taste the new. By considering this, Google should try to release the favor updates in real time (faster than existing).

Toggle Alerts:

We definitely knew well that, Google started to provide a better update to the users right after the launching of the Android Lollipop version. Sync of multiple devices still are at bay and Google has to consider this and moves a step closer to ensure the same goes fine in favor of the peoples. Getting notifications from your Smartphones & Computers at your wearable is really incredible right!

Need to Improve Easy Uninstalling Feature:

The Bloatware is certainly a big bang for the users who are never touched those built in apps the reason may vary person to next). It would really be useful and excellent if Google provides better features to uninstall the built in apps as easy as possible.

Bottom Line:

All these features and expectation towards the Android M will be cleared right after the official statement by Google at the Google I/O Conference 2015. Stay amazed with the Techlive Info on the go!

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