Google Project Fi Debuts in US | Google Becomes Carrier in US

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We are certainly living in the incredible Wireless Communication services enabled world. There are ample of advancement projects are being carried by several research industries across the globe in the wireless sector indeed. In this wireless world, the rumors are spreading much faster than the actual wireless communication services, but certainly with the help of the same. In recent days, most of the rumor news turns to be true, and the interesting rumor about the Internet giant too becomes true today. For more than a month, there as been plenty of rumors and leaks arrived in the rumor mill with the tag of “Google Project Fi”.

Google Project Fi Debuts in US | Google Becomes Carrier in US

Google Project Fi Established in US Today

In the modern communication world, the reliably faster internet connectivity becomes the second nature for sure. While coming to the wireless services accessible, even in the developed countries like US, there are few notable hiccups ubiquitous for the faster internet access. Just in order to overcome this real time difficulties in the faster network accessing stuffs, Google comes with the new technology termed to be “Google Project Fi”. This project is an incredible program which explains about the new ideas to access the faster internet connectivity without any loss in the reliability. Actually, the Google Project Fi is just a similar hardware project termed Nexus; hope you know the incredible success of the program.

Google Turned Mobile Virtual Network Operator in US:

Google officially becomes a basic mobile carrier in the US after the successful launch of the Google Project Fi. Though Google doesn’t build own network for this project, they use US major mobile carrier service provider like Sprint and T-Mobile, that earned them a status of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Also, Google becomes a unique MVNO service provider in the US, especially because, it uses two mobile networks to offer its services. Though not all mobile is offered to receive the test signals of Google Project Fi, perhaps, the recently launched Motorola Nexus 6 is the only Smartphone to receive the test signals of Google Carrier in the US.

3 Important Areas you can benefit with Google Project Fi:

Google officially claims that, you can really feel & experience the real time benefits of the Google Project Fi in three distinctive requirements of your internet services. Let us see them in detailed format.

Highest Quality Internet Connection:

Only with the help of the best network coverage you can experience the better results for your internet requirements, irrespective of your location. With the help of this Google Project Fi, you can always stay on the better network based on the best signal reception capabilities. While coming to the point of best internet connectivity options, either Wi-Fi or the advanced 4G LTE will be the best available services. The latest technology associated with the Google Project Fi helps you to get the best signal with your Wi-Fi or even any of the two partnered service providers (T-Mobile & Sprint) 4G signals. Interestingly, the Google Project Fi is helping you to automatically find faster, reliable and free Wi-Fi hotspots and gets connected with the same.

Google Project Fi Debuts in US | Google Becomes Carrier in US

Google Project Fi Works Only in Moto Nexus 6 Devices

The encryption features enabled with the Google Project Fi will help you to browse safe even at the unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Effective Communication Between Cross Platforms & Devices:

No matter whatever your mobile and its service provider may be, you will certainly get the better communication services between them with the help of Google Project Fi. You can simply proceed with your normal usages of communications like texts, voice or even the browsing section, over the better Wi-Fi reception booster capabilities with this Google’s MNOV carrier. Interestingly, you don’t want to store any mobile numbers with your Smartphone, but the same runs around you with cloud technology. So you don’t need to have the same phone to make any calls at any time. There is also an incredible option featured with the Google Project Fi technique termed as “Multi Screen World”.

This Multi screen world enables you to stay connected with your lost mobile screen either from other Smartphones or even the laptop computer too.

Very Similar Approach to Use the Google Carrier:

The Google Project Fi is very similar approach that how traditionally you work with the regular mobile service provider paying for their services and gets timely help from them at various necessities in a 24*7 basis. There are ample of incredible tariff plans available with the Google Carrier and you can utilize them as per your requirements. The base plan starts for just $20/month where you can effectively utilize the voice, text and even the browsing section within the same plan.

Google Project Fi Debuts in US | Google Becomes Carrier in US

A New Way to Say Hello with Google Project Fi

If you are highly interested only with the data plans, simply utilize the better plans with the Google Project Fi. Yes, 1GB is just $10 and the same counts at its multiples like 2GB data $20, 3GB for $30 and so on. Interestinly, if you consume less than your actual payment, your amount will be automatically refunded to your mobile. Incredible right!

Project Fi Early Access Program:

As said earlier, this Google Project Fi program is certainly possible to access only with the help of Moto Nexus 6 device, as it is the only device to have descriptive hardware and software combinations for the project. The Project Early access program is certainly a simple invite to your friends and family to make use of the Google’s carrier. You can simply start your invite by accessing the official website of Google Project Fi.

Bottom Line of Google Carrier Services:

Certainly, the Wi-Fi and faster internet connectivity have a crucial role in the future wireless communication services. If Google makes a strong statement in the wireless sector with technical tricks, then the emergence of Google Project Fi would definitely be the end of Verizon and AT&T carriers for sure. The end and the start of a new way of saying Hello is around the corner!

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