Google Search now Displays Full Song Lyrics: a Report

Posted on Dec 24 2014 - 12:14pm by TechliveTech
Google gets its search results more refined by displaying Full Song Lyrics

Google gets its search results more refined by displaying Full Song Lyrics

Google Inc is trying to get its search results smarter day by day. The newest with the lead internet search is that it now displays song lyrics on the search result page itself. Now the new feature is rolled out as a part of Google’s Knowledge Graph, a refinement to its search engine allowing users to get what they want needless to dig into multiple results.

Google Search’s this new feature is said to be powered by Google Play. No official announcement has been made by the search giant in terms of the new addition for the web while the feature can either be in its testing phase or be rolled out while it is still not available in India.

What needs to be done to get the song lyrics?

All that is needed to get the song lyrics is to search with the title of the song along with the word “lyrics” i.e. in the format: [song name] [lyrics] and this would display the results. Though looks to be convenient for searchers it might not make everyone happy. There is a link available at the side of the shortened text reading ‘Full Lyrics on Google Play’ clicking on which it takes the users to the Google Play platform giving the complete lyrics.

For Instance: Searching for the lyrics of the song [stairway to heaven lyrics] displays the result as shown below.


Google displays full song lyrics  when searched in the format [song name] [lyrics]

Google displays full song lyrics when searched in the format [song name] [lyrics]

With this move of Google song lyric websites like , and many more may have to face decrease in their traffic but the question here is why Google is getting into song lyrics first of all.

Actually speaking, Google in this is just displaying a snippet (a sizable snippet) of song lyrics in its search results. If any user wants to get the full lyrics they have to get it through Google Play. So by this it is clear that Google is trying to promote its own content over third-party sites.

Point to note here is that the lyrics result page doesn’t seem to be working out for all songs.

It seems like Google for past few months has been beta testing this new feature with no press release from Google officially. And it is unclear from when this feature went live to everyone though not available in India. Most of them believe it to have happened in the last few days.

Now Google not showing out song lyrics for every song makes us learn that the search giant is currently only working with small lyrics database and not scouring content from all top lyric sites.

Microsoft had earlier introduced similar kind of feature for its Cortana (voice-based virtual assistant) and Bing Search were both are limited to the US for now.

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