Google starting 21 April is to rank ‘mobile-friendly’ sites higher

Posted on Feb 28 2015 - 5:46pm by TechliveTech
Google to rank ‘mobile-friendly’ sites  high starting April 21

Google to rank ‘mobile-friendly’ sites high starting April 21

On Thursday, it was announced by Google that two important changes in the company’s mobile search algorithms are to be made helping its users find out more mobile-friendly contents.

First one includes mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results receiving higher ranking starting April 21, while the second one is that for signed-in users from within apps in mobile search results visibility of more content. Google with the belief that people nowadays use mobiles more frequently to surf through the internet; mobile-friendly websites would be wished by them. Hence, the search giant starting this April 21 is to give higher placements on the results page for mobile-friendly websites.

According to the company, this change is to bring in a “significant impact” on all mobile searches worldwide in all languages as a result of which users will be able to find higher quality results, says Google.

Google denoted that search on mobile devices should enable its users get the timely and most relevant results whether or not the information lies on mobile-friendly websites or apps, but since nowadays most people to access the internet use mobile devices, algorithms have to take up with these usage patterns. With this in mind the company had already started exhibiting mobile friendly labels back in November for websites in mobile search results.

Now coming to the second change as announced by Google, app indexing got already implemented this week. According to Google, to users who have signed-in to Google and have the app installed, mobile search results are to now display more details from apps. Also a guide for developers has been provided by the search giant explaining the methods on how to get their apps indexed.

Developers get a guide from Google with the ways to ensure their apps get indexed.

Developers get a guide from Google with the ways to ensure their apps get indexed.

Google last week added a new feature called ‘carousel’ to its search on mobile that presents recent videos, articles and more when searched for specific topics and websites. Although this feature is yet to be made available for all topics and websites, Google promises to have it done soon.

Altogether, these changes are of great news to all mobile users and it also motivates those sites that still don’t have a mobile site yet.

For those entire site admins who wish to test their sites mobile compatibility are requested to use Google’s tools for quick evaluation on the status of their pages.

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