Google Wonders: Few Tricks That You May Have Never Known

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Google Apps for Education is one of the best. There are plenty of ways to make learning interesting. With technology taking you places, its time that students are taught lessons through interactive approaches. The initial board teaching technique is almost obsolete. With smartboards now replacing the blackboards and chalk pieces, the students of this generation have a lot more to look out for. Google offers lot of support to  make learning fun. In the form of discussions and other automated smart tools, a lot of monotonous tasks are made easier. Though the computerized chips cannot take over the human brain in approaching certain tasks, artificial intelligence does prove the capability of the machine. Indeed it was the human brain that built the deadliest machines.

Here are some ideas, tools and tricks that Google offers at sessions held in workshops. Some of these are very helpful. A few are discussed below:

Schedule your E-mails with Boomerang

  • Boomerang extension for Google chrome browser allows you to add a “Send Later” button to your G-mail.
  • When ever you want to send a follow-up e-mail later and not immediately you can use this option.
  • You can also send e-mail remainders to yourself.
    1 Boomerang-extension

    1 Boomerang-extension

Google Connected Classrooms

  • Google connected classrooms schedules virtual field trips through live video and broadcasts them through Hangouts on Air.
  • This is some what similar to Google Hangouts and Skype .

Drag URL to Desktop

  • Drag the icon next to a URL in the web browser onto your Computer’s desktop.
  • This action creates a shortcut icon for the site you are on.
    3 drag-to-desktop

    3 drag-to-desktop

Instant Participation Certificate

  • In case you need professional learning credits or proof of participation this option will save you a lot of time.
  • Create an evaluation survey for the participants to take down in the Google Form.
  • Include all the information that is needed in the participation certificate and ensure you have filled in all.
  • Open the spreadsheet for the results from the form and use the Autocrat add-on.
  • Use Autocrat to create a document that will auto-fill each respondent’s information and e-mail it to them.

PDF Mergy

  • PDF Mergy is an app for Google Chrome that combines multiple PDFs into one document.
  • If you are gathering PDF files for students and want them all in a single file, PDF Mergy will be a lot useful.


Google Earth Field Trip

  • Google Earth enables you to see your house from satellite imagery and put you on the famous places all over the globe.
  • Google Earth Field Trips can make the experience more organized and educational.
  • Using Google Earth use can place pins in the locations that are important content when you are covering a session.
  • You can also organize the pins in a folder and teach the students one by one.
    6 lit-trip

    6 lit-trip

Make a picture Clickable in Drawings

  • Google Drawings is a simple, flexible design tool in Google Apps.
  • It lets you add text, images, lines and more details on to a blank canvas.
  • Through this you can make any element of a drawing clickable.
  • Create a rectangle from shapes and change the background to transparent.
  • Then click the link button and add the link to your rectangle.
  • Also ensure that the rectangle is in front of the element that you wan to make clickable.

People and Email notifications in Comments

  • There may be chances that you want others to see your comments or you may want to get comments in a document sheet, presentation or drawing.
  • For that type the person’s e-mail into the comment with a + sign.
  • Then add anything else that you want to that comment and submit it.
  • Google then will send an e-mail notification automatically to the e-mail address mentioned to check the comments on the document.
    8 email-comment

    8 email-comment

The Amazing Race

  • This is a game of intense mashup of Google Slides/Documents, Google Forms and Google Maps
  • Students have to complete several challenges from the instructor using Google Slides or Documents.
  • On completion of the challenge they must submit the link in a Google Form of the presentation or document.
  • Once submitted the link to the next challenge in the game is in a link on the confirmation page of the form.

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