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Posted on Feb 28 2015 - 1:21pm by TechliveTech
Google launches Android for Work program to even reach out to  corporates

Google launches Android for Work program to even reach out to corporates

Google now to make its Android based smartphones more appealing to corporations launched its new “Android for Work” program. This move could probably help the internet giant to reach out to work places as well.

Now the Android Mobile operating system with its Android for Work program will have multiple “profiles” that are to help corporate employees manage their work and home profiles better. With this new data management protocol, Google aims to give corporate sectors more control over the apps and data that are stored by employees in their smartphones.

Google on its official blog has stated that this Android for Work program is to provide corporations with security and management features that are more improvised and so their employees be given  Android smartphones.

Google’s Rajen Sheth in a Google’s San Francisco office news conference said that the world already has billion smartphones and yet there are a billion more people who are not able to use their smartphones at work. So the business opportunity is being big, he said.

As the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Google’s Android software is not the choice for many corporations which need major security and device management and so their decide on for smartphones run by Apple Inc or Blackberry to give to their employees. So now Google needs to convince corporate IT managers to choose Android run smartphones and tablets instead of its rival iPhones and iPads.

Android Smartphones that have this new initiative from Google will be able to manage an employee’s personal and work apps separate while a special Android for Work app is to enable businesses to supervise key tools like contacts, email and calendar. The core of the Android for Work program is Work Profiles for Android Smartphones that are to maintain a strict separation between personal and business data. This isolation is done by the SELinux security features and the multi-user support features introduced in the Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

There is no need for Companies to fret that are wary of updating the operating platforms as for pre-Lollipop devices, an “Android for Work” app is offered by Google that gives the same profile-separation capabilities on all Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” OS and later versions.

So on the whole Google through this Android for Work program is offering a set of work-related apps that are capable of separate security configurations which the company IT managers can control and employees can tailor for their use. This means the Android smartphone owners can now have their own personal apps along with separate work-related apps that can log into their company’s restricted internal networks.

One Android smartphone or tablet can have both a personal profile and a work profile avoiding the need to switch back and forth. In this, in a way to get distinguished from other apps, the Work-related apps will be marked with Android badges.

Android-for-Work-app lets Android smartphone have a personal profile and a work profile

Android-for-Work-app lets Android smartphones have a personal profile and a work profile

Google has introduced altogether four pieces of technology that includes

  • Android for Work app
  • Google Play for Work, an online business-oriented app store
  • New apps supporting common productivity tools enabling people to do their work using their Android devices.
  • Work Profiles for Android devices, this enables people to find work-oriented apps in a separate spot that lies above the personal apps in the Android’s standard user interface.

With all these new initiative, Google is trying to make it easy to say yes to Android, feels Sheth. And as said by Sheth, even bulk-purchase of apps can be made by admins for their employees.

On this Google confirmed to be partnering with two dozen companies that include Citrix Systems Inc, Blackberry Ltd, Box Inc. and many more.

If remembered, Google announced its concept of Android for Work at its last year Google I/O conference and has taken months for it to line up with its partners to test on the platform and release the same. Some of the onboard companies are SAP, Concur, Adobe, and Box.

So let’s hope all goes well for Google with its Android for Work.

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